iOS 17 Leaks: Stability And Efficiency Boost, Less Graphics

Apple just released iOS 16.3, the latest version of iOS 16, which was unveiled in June last year and released with the iPhone 14 family in the fall. This year, iOS 17 will be released alongside the iPhone 15 series, most likely in September. This year, iOS 17 will be released alongside the iPhone 15 series, most likely in September, and today a new report is already talking about it. According to this source, which has proven reliable in the past when it comes to things related to Apple, iOS 17 will not introduce major visual overhauls. Indeed, it should be expected to be identical to iOS 16. The goal of the next version will instead be to increase stability and efficiency and to support Apple’s AR/VR Reality Pro headset.

To that end, iOS 17 will feature a new dedicated headphones app. It will be a similar concept to the Watch app, but with “much more features.” The Home app appears to be in the process of a revamp, with “major changes” on the way, along with more minor “changes” to Find My. Additionally, the Music app will reportedly experience some navigation-related changes within it. The Mail app will be simplified “a bit” and Reminders and Files will be improved, although we don’t know how. Apparently, minor changes to the Fitness and Wallet apps are also to be expected, the latter possibly being linked to Apple Pay Later.

iOS 17 is Built to Run on Six Devices

It appears that iOS 17 is built to run on six devices with Dynamic Island, two of which are the already available iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. It therefore appears that all four upcoming iPhone 15 models will be equipped with Dynamic Island, abandoning finally the notch. According to other parts of the iOS 17 code, all four upcoming iPhones will have a USB-C port, but only two will support USB 3.2 speeds, presumably the Pro and Pro Max. they currently reach via Lightning.

Finally, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is said to feature “more advanced” image-processing software than the iPhone 15 Pro and a better cooling system (probably made possible, at least in part, by the physical size of the iPhone).

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