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UK Minister: Hosting COP28 in Energy-Producing Country Sends Global Message

Grant Shapps, UK Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, said in an interview in Abu Dhabi that energy events hosted by the UAE represent their approach to sustainability.

“I think this is an amazing year for the UAE as they are hosting the biggest UN climate conference – COP 28. I attended Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW) “These events and discussions show that the UAE sees sustainability as a very important element for the future. It shows the country’s great leadership in this process.”

The UK hosted COP 26 in Glasgow in 2021. “Having the UAE, as a major energy producing nation, host COP 28 sends a very important message to the world. COP 28 is my responsibility. ministerial portfolio in the UK. I will ensure that the COP conference in the UAE is a success,” he added.

The UAE, the minister continued, has some of the largest solar projects in the world. “I visited one in Dubai. It shows the tremendous leadership of a country with so many hydrocarbon resources and switching 25% of its energy production to nuclear. We are proud to play our part [ in the UAE’s energy transition]. We are happy to be the UAE’s partner and have a special relationship with them.”

Close Energy Ties Between the UK And The UAE

“To give you an example of the closeness of energy relations – the UAE has already invested in wind energy in the UK, which has built one of the largest wind projects in the world,” the minister noted.

The UK has more wind power than any other country. “We have one of the largest wind farms in the world. Today probably more than half of our electricity comes from offshore wind. I think at least one project that I can think of in my head is probably to 4 gigawatts of wind power with UAE investment.

“So it’s a great partnership. On the other hand, British companies, like BP،, are helping the UAE in its transition to clean energy. Many big British companies are investing in the Emirates. is a two-way strategic partnership.”

This article is originally published on ae/fr.

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