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19-Year-Old Loses $182 Million Lottery Win

A 19-year-old was over the moon after winning 182 million in the lottery, but the joy was short-lived: she lost everything because she didn’t pay for the ticket.

The story that comes from the United Kingdom is incredible: a 19-year-old won 182 million in the lottery, but the joy did not last long. Immediately afterwards she discovered that she hadn’t really paid for the ticket and so she lost everything. How things turned out for the unfortunate young woman.

19-Year-Old Wins 182 Million at The Euromillions

The facts date back to February 2021, but have recently returned to occupy the pages of newspapers around the world due to the exceptional nature of the story: a very young girl originally from Herefordshire was sure she had won 182 million at Euromillions.

This is the pan-European lottery initially launched in France, Spain and the United Kingdom since 2004, then it was also opened to other countries such as Belgium, Portugal and Switzerland.

Rachel Kennedy was 19 at the time, her boyfriend at the time (Liam McCrohan) 21 and they were convinced they were settled for life: the numbers they had played for 5 straight weeks (12, 22, 29, 33 , 6 and 11) have actually been extracted.

Hoax at The Lottery: he Wins But he Didn’t Pay For The Ticket

Understandably, the two went crazy with joy and after notifying the girl’s mother they called to collect their winnings. On the phone, however, they discovered a very bitter truth.

Camelot, the company that manages the lottery, informed him that yes, on paper their numbers were winning and they would be entitled to 182 million pounds, but it was a pity that the 19-year-old had not paid for the ticket.

The reason is quite sensational: there was not enough money on the card used to pay for the lottery ticket to make the transition (she only had £2.50), which was therefore refused and her card invalidated. A punch in the face for the two, who already looked forward to a life of luxury.

The Reaction After The Failure to Win

According to what the two protagonists of the story told the Daily Star, the boyfriend reacted worse: “Rachel was quite calm, in my head I had already spent that money”.

The boy, now 23, said he was “absolutely devastated when I learned from the man on the phone that we hadn’t actually bought the ticket. I was already imagining our dream home and car.”

In addition to the damage, there was also a small joke: Camelot sent the two lucky-unlucky boys a note in which they wished them better luck for the subsequent draws. A spokesperson for the company confirmed the story and said he was hopeful the young girl could buy new tickets.

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