Andrea Cattaruzza’s Musical Lambretta Farewell

The always refined look, the Lambretta companion of many trips, the passion for music that had made him known in various clubs: many ways of declining the mod culture that Andrea Cattaruzza had made his own, helping to make England known in the right Tagliamento.

And, in the same way, he had introduced Friuli Venezia Giulia to Suzanne, his wife, from the United Kingdom: a love affair from which two children were born. A family that now, together with his mother, father, brother, nephews, relatives and many friends, is forced to say goodbye to him: on Friday an illness took away Andrea at only 46 years old.

Background of Andrea

Originally from Poincicco, Andrea had been living in Pordenone for some time. He worked at Hilti and, hand in hand with his job and with his love for the family, he cultivated his passions related to mod culture, the movement born in London between the 50s and 60s.

The passion for England was such that Andrea would have liked to go there again this year. Possibly in Lambretta. «Together we went to Poland in 2019 – recalls his friend Bruno Pisaniello – together with other members of the Lambretta club Friuli. It was our last trip together. This year the meeting was scheduled in England: Andrea would have liked to be there, on a Lambretta or by any other means. But he didn’t succeed.”

In addition to his passion for two wheels, Cattaruzza was also known for organizing events and for his vast collection of records. He had a very specific style, in which he reflected himself: this is how his friends remember him. And to honor his memory, today at the funeral – at 3 pm in the parish church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Cordenons – there will be (weather permitting) the beloved lambrettas and equally beloved music to embrace the family.

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