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Italy’s Countercurrent Income: Goodbye To Anti-Warrior Gianluca Viallli

Foto LaPresse/Nicolò Campo 6/3/2019 Torino (Italia) Cronaca Reddito di cittadinanza, domande compilate al CAF Nella foto: veduta generale Photo LaPresse/Nicolò Campo March 6, 2019 Turin (Italy) News Citizenship income, forms filled out at the CAF In the picture: general view

Country you go for income you find: only Italy goes against the current. The sensitivity of the majority towards the poor is summarized in the demolition of citizenship income, a trend, however, already started with dragons and on which many parties, starting with the Renzi-Calenda duo, are well aligned. But on closer inspection it is an all -Italian exception, given that subsidies of this type (with more or less stringent conditionality) exist in all European countries and also outside the old continent: from the French Revenu de Solidaritè Active, to the Bürgereld of the Germany, just to give some examples.

But similar measures we also find them in Spain or the United Kingdom (not to mention the Eastern countries). On tomorrow we will see how income works in our neighboring countries, also to demonstrate that that of the center -right is only propaganda.

Argue Even on The Primaries

The Democratic Party manages to argue even on the primaries. Interview with Francesco Boccia. Stefano Bonaccini wants the gazebo, Elly Schlein the online vote, and the party even breaks on this. A few weeks after the choice of the new secretary – on the final date the direction should be pronounced next Wednesday – the pros or against voices multiply. “I understand that for many now political and likes on social networks are the same thing.

Except then finding out when you vote that likes often do not correspond to votes, “Matteo Orfini said today. With him also the vice -presidents of the DEM deputies, Simona Bonafè and Piero De Luca. Alessandro Zan, who is a member of the Constituent Committee of the Democratic Party, said he was in favor of the online consultation.

“I invite everyone to refrain from insinuating doubts about the ability to be able to organize them in complete safety and transparency” electronically, tried to reassure Stefano Vaccari, manager of the party organization. In short, the usual Pd.

Talk About Primaries

On tomorrow we will talk about primaries, but not only, with the former minister Francesco Boccia, at the center of another storm for having announced his support for Schlein. In the party they do not have clear ideas even on differentiated autonomy: in an interview, the governor of Tuscany, Eugenio Giani, spoke of “a very rational fact as the use of resources and better services to citizens”. The president of Puglia, Michele Emiliano, had expressed himself against the secession of the rich. You will also read the reportage of Antonello Caporale from Naples, one year after the settlement of the mayor Gaetano Manfredi.

Ukraine, the Russian Blood Russian truce. Today at 12 (the 10 Italians) the ceasefire ordered by Putin for the celebration of the Orthodox Christmas, a break of the fighting rejected by Kiev should have come into force, however. In fact, the Russian Tass agency passed one hour spoke of Ukrainian bombings on the Donetsk area.

After a while, the same accusations started from the adverse part (Russian bombs on Kramatorsk in the East of the country), with the usual ballet of crossed accusations. Written truce on sand, therefore. We will also talk about it with the director of Limes, Lucio Caracciolo. But we will also tell you about the singular story of a Russian, pardoned drug dealer (like many other criminals) for having served in the Wagner departments.

Goodbye to Gianluca Vialli, symbol of Italian football. Last night the pancreas tumor that had been diagnosed in 2017 had the best: the former player and football coach died at 58. The announcement was made this morning by the family, who recalled how vialli faced the disease “with courage and dignity”. In recent weeks his condition had worsened and on December 14 he had announced the withdrawal from the Italian national team, of which he was the chief delegation. In his career as a footballer he played in Cremonese, Sampdoria, Juventus – who won the last Champions League with him in 1996 – and finally in Chelsea, who then trained between 1998 and 2000.

Beloved in Italy and All ‘abroad, thousands of condolences arrived today: from the sports world, Fifa in the lead, to politics, with the premier Meloni who described him as “king lion in the field and in life”, to the Umberto Veronesi Foundation to Fedez, who recalled their phone call after the discovery of the disease. Vialli had opposed the rhetoric of the “warrior”: “If I started to battle with cancer I would go out destroyed” he had declared several times. In tomorrow’s newspaper, in addition to the story of the great champion, also an interview with Giacinto Facchetti’s son.

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