Causes of Depression and Anxiety Disorders Among Adults


Depression and anxiety disorders among adults are a serious health problem. They interfere with daily routines and can negatively affect emotions and behavior. In addition, they increase the risk of heart attacks and stroke. There are effective treatments available for depression and anxiety. The best treatment for depression and anxiety is to talk to a health professional about it.

There is a high prevalence of depression and anxiety. Anxiety is a normal “fight or flight” response that can also interfere with daily life. Symptoms of anxiety include chronic headaches, heart palpitations, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Women are more likely to develop depression and anxiety than men. Depression and anxiety are moderately heritable. Men are less likely to seek help. Consequently, men are more likely to go untreated.

A recent study showed that people who have had a mental illness are at an increased risk of suicide. This increased risk is due to the fact that individuals with anxiety and depressive disorders are more functionally impaired.

Anxiety and depression can be treated with medications, cognitive behavioral therapy, and other interventions. In addition, stress reduction and lifestyle changes can help reduce symptoms. It is important to note that antidepressants generally take two weeks to be effective.

In order to estimate the prevalence of stress and anxiety, we used the DASS-21 scale. Results were analyzed by the random effects model, assuming high heterogeneity.

The overall rate was represented by a black diamond shape. Each square represents the prevalence rate. The length of the line indicates the 95% confidence interval.

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