Gmail is down in the UK, leaving thousands unable to send or check their emails

Update: Google has revealed that it has now resolved all of the issues impacting Gmail users across the UK. In a statement to, the Californian company confirmed: “On Friday November 12 around 08:30 am UTC, some of our users experienced a service disruption to Google Cloud services, including Google Workspace. This issue is now resolved. For more details, please see our status dashboards for Google Cloud and Google Workspace.”

Gmail not working for you? You’re not alone.

A serious glitch appears to have broken the immensely-popular email service for thousands of people across the UK. Gmail, which is available via a web browser as well as a series of mobile applications, has yet to acknowledge the issue. According to users trying to access their inbox, the glitch triggers a 502 error page. It reads: “The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.”

For those who have managed to login to Gmail, other Workspace services – like the built-in chat and Spaces collaborative groups – appear to be sluggish.

While the issue is impacting thousands in the UK, social media users from Germany, Belgium, Spain and Kenya have all reported the same troubles this morning. However, in response to a question from a user about the error, the official Gmail account on Twitter, which is staffed by customer service representatives, stated that Gmail was not down. The full tweet reads: “The Google Workspace Status dashboard doesn’t show any outages. Could you tell us more about what seems to be happening with your Gmail address? We’d be happy to help.”

You can check the Workspace Status dashboard yourself to find out about the latest information from Google about its email service here. If the company does identify a reason for thousands accounts to stop working, this is where it will share the information. New posts about a fix will also be shared on this plaform.

According to independent website DownDetector, which tracks the performance of web apps and online services by monitoring social media, there has been a huge spike in complaints about Gmail this morning. The surge in complaints started around 8.35am, with reports from disgruntled Gmail users quickly building. At its peak, some 1,690 people in the UK have voiced anger at Gmail not working as expected every minute.

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