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Man accused of encouraging terrorism said Nazis should have ‘finished the job’ in Holocaust, court hears

An alleged neo-Nazi said the only issue with the Holocaust was that “we did not finish the job” and that the “entire Jewish race” should have been killed, a court has heard.

Andrew Dymock, 23, is accused of 15 offences including encouraging terrorism, over websites, propaganda posters, social media posts and articles he is accused of creating.

Prosecutors allege that he set up and operated the website and social media accounts for a neo-Nazi group called System Resistance Network (SRN) in 2017 and 2018.

One article uploaded to its website in October 2017 was called “The Truth about the Holocaust”, the Old Bailey heard on Friday.

It argued that Holocaust denial is irrelevant, because the total destruction of Jewish people was not achieved.

“The only guilt felt by the Germanic race in regard to the Holocaust should be that we did not finish the job,” the article said.

It contained numerous conspiracy theories regarding supposed Jewish control of banks and governments, calling Jews a “cancer on this earth … that must be eradicated in its entirety”.

Prosecutor Jocelyn Ledward told jurors that Mr Dymock had written and posted the article onto the SRN website.

“The article is clear in its encouragement of the eradication of Jewish people,” she added. “Such encouragement constitutes encouragement to commit acts of terrorism.”

Jurors were also shown other material allegedly written by Mr Dymock that included slurs towards black people, Muslims, gay people and other groups.

A tweet posted from the SRN account on Remembrance Day in 2017 said: “Today we remember those who gave their lives for f*****s, Jewish global dominance, multiculturalism, mass migration, and state based tyrannical oppression of their folk.”

The charges against Mr Dymock include encouraging terrorism with the entire content of the SRN website, as well as with articles including one calling for a “glorious” race war where white people would “wake up and bring slaughter to Europa, cleansing it of the unclean filth that pollutes her lands”.

Other charges relate to propaganda posters he allegedly created, including some calling for terror attacks and for people to rape police officers.

Jurors were played a propaganda video promoting SRN, which showed people posing with the group’s flag along with those of US terrorist group Atomwaffen Division and the Nazi Party.

Participants with their faces hidden by SS skull symbols were seen placing a swastika-carved pumpkin outside a Welsh police station and burning EU, LGBT, Israel and US flags.

Mr Dymock denies all offences and told police that he researched different ideologies while studying international politics and strategic studies at Aberystwyth University in Wales.

“I’m doing my dissertation on the rise of nationalism and why, and how, ranging from moderate to extreme,” he added. “I kind of thought I might as well start preparing for my third year in advance.”

The court heard that during interviews, he told officers that any far-right imagery he had was because he liked the art.

Ms Ledward said the defendant claimed to follow the Vedic religion, saying that “any usage by myself of the swastika would be in Vedic religious terms, rather than Nazi political terms”.

When asked about a photograph of an individual performing a Nazi salute on one of his devices, he said it was a “Roman salute” and “clearly a joke”.

“When asked to explain the joke, he said that it was difficult for people of very different generations to explain sensitive humour and any attempt he might make to explain his sense of humour to the officers would not be understood by them,” Ms Ledward told jurors.

Mr Dymock, of Bath, also told police that other people, including his ex-boyfriend and friends, could have accessed his laptop.

He denies five charges of encouraging terrorism, two of funding terrorism, stirring up racial hatred and hatred based on sexual orientation, four counts of disseminating terrorist publications, possessing a terrorist document and possessing racially inflammatory material. The trial continues.


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