Coca-Cola sparks backlash as it changes ‘delicious’ Coke Zero Sugar recipe – ‘it’s awful’

Coca-Cola has said the new drink features a new recipe as well as new packaging to “enhance consumers Coke experience even further”. However those who have tried the beverage have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts, with many asking for the old recipe back.

A Coca-Cola spokeswoman said that the new version “offers consumers the best Coca-Cola experience, still with zero sugar and zero calories.”

She added that the new recipe and packaging was the latest in the company’s move to help people reduce their sugar intake.

The company previously changed the recipe back in 2017 and rebranded its Coca-Cola Zero to Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

It was intended to taste more like the standard Coca-Cola while emphasising the lack of sugar content and calories.

The Coca-Cola spokeswoman went on: “For a number of years, we’ve been changing the recipe and innovating to offer people a choice of low and no-sugar drinks including offering smaller pack sizes, introducing colour-coded labelling and increasing marketing investment in our low and no-sugar range of drinks.”

The revamp of the drink comes alongside a new campaign for Coca-Cola, spanning TV, online, video as well as radio advertising.

While it is said to be rolled out within the coming months, many people have already tried and tested the new recipe and some are not happy with the change.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar has been favoured in recent years, with fans explaining that it tastes much better than Diet Coke, despite both having no sugar or calories.

However the new rebrand from the company hasn’t been popular amongst fans of the original recipe.

Taking to Twitter to share their thoughts, many asked the company to change back to the previous recipe.

One person said: “Coca-Cola you know what you did and you know it’s wrong. You let us down, correct it.”

Another wrote: “Why the need for a new recipe when the old one was delicious and well loved by everyone?”

A third commented: “The new drink is not as good as the old one in my opinion. It tastes a lot more like the original one which is likely not a bad thing for most consumers, however it’s just too sweet.”

“The new Coke Zero is absolutely awful. I can see from many others who’ve tweeted you that I’m not alone in feeling this way. Please change it back ASAP,” another said.

One other Twitter user explained that the new recipe tasted flat and questioned the need for a change in recipe.

Another wrote: “The recipe is not as good as the one before, in fact, it’s awful.”

Coca-Cola responded to the messages and explained that the ingredients are the same.

The official Coca-Cola Twitter account said: “We appreciate your opinion! All the ingredients in the new taste Coca-Cola Zero Sugar remain the same.

“The blend of flavours that have been further developed to taste even more like the great and loved taste of Coca-Cola.”

The company also hinted at a new beverage that could be hitting the shelves very soon.

It said: “Caffeine free Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is not currently available in the UK, but keep your eyes peeled for something coming very soon.”


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