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How Royal Family forced ‘dangerous’ Duke and Duchess into ‘quarantine’ abroad exposed

THE Royal Family put two of its “dangerous” members into forced “quarantine” abroad to keep them under contr..

By admin , in England , at June 22, 2020

THE Royal Family put two of its “dangerous” members into forced “quarantine” abroad to keep them under control during testing times, a new documentary has revealed.

The Royal Family was forced to ban two of its members into a “quarantine” abroad to ensure they posed no danger to the Crown, a documentary has claimed. King George VI dispatched his older brother and former King Edward VIII to the Bahamas to keep him from having too much of an influence on the British public ahead of World War II, according to historian Sarah Gristwood. Speaking to Channel 5 documentary ‘King George VI: The Accidental King,’ Ms Gristwood suggested the Royal Family was concerned the Duke and Duchess of Windsor could be “dangerous” because of their connection.


She said: “They were dangerous in a number of different ways. One of them was that connection with the Nazi Establishment.

“But there was also the feeling that no one wanted them in Britain presenting a kind of rival monarchy.

“The Bahamas was not a grand posting, to put it mildly. They had to be almost quarantined.”

The Duke of Windsor was originally stationed with the British Military Mission in France, where he had moved with Wallis Simpson after his abdication in 1936.

But after accusations arose over his relationship with key German officials before the war, Edward and Wallis Simpson were moved to the Bahamas.

Historian Sir Anthony Seldon said: “They came back to France and rather than being there supporting the troops in their retreat to Dunkirk, he is off with Wallis buying her jewellery and retreating in a cowardly way down to the south of France.

“Abandoning the troops and pampering Wallis Simpson.”

At the end of his mandate as Governor of the Bahamas in 1945, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor returned to France.

The pair had first moved to Paris shortly after Edward VIII announced his plans to renounce the throne in favour of his brother George VI.

The Duke of Windsor had hoped to return to the UK once his brother had established himself as the new sovereign but concerns arose about him potentially creating issues for George VI.

But the intervention of the duke’s mother, Queen Mary, prevented Edward and Wallis from returning to Britain to set up a new home.

Channel 5 narrator Stephen Greig said: “Mary put monarchy before family and with the reputation of the Crown under threat, she had a hand in ensuring Edward was revoked of his royal duties and exiled, along with Wallis Simpson, to France.”

Royal commentator Lady Colin Campbell suggested the Dowager Queen had been shocked by Edward’s decision as she herself had sacrificed her life to serve the Crown.

Lady Colin said: “Queen Mary could not believe that anyone being a King of England would give it up for anybody or anything.

“She had given up her whole life for the Crown and here was this son of her just chucking it over.”

Relations between the former king and his relatives remained strained for many years, especially because of the king’s refusal to allow Wallis Simpson to be styled as Her Royal Highness.

Expert Ingrid Seward said: “What Mary felt is, if thats what my son wants and he wants to marry Wallis Simpson, he can, but shes never going to be a Royal Highness to me. And shes never going to get the title Royal Highness.’

“‘And he can stay out of this country because Ive got to help my second son take his role as king and I dont want my first son interfering and trying to maybe stir up affection for himself. Because people loved him.”




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