France begins ‘Phase II’ of easing lockdown measures as coronavirus abates

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France began a second phase of easing lockdown rules on Tuesday as official figures show the novel coronavirus outbreak continuing to diminish in the country following an initial loosening of restrictions that began on May 11.


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The new measures include the reopening of cafés and restaurants in so-called green zones, where the virus is least actively circulating. Parks and restaurant terraces alone will reopen in Paris, which is considered an orange zone, and restrictions will be lifted on travel beyond the current 100km-radius restriction.

"Freedom will finally become the rule and constraint the exception," Prime Minister Édouard Philippe told reporters last Thursday during a press conference presenting the new rules for "Phase II" of easing the lockdown (a process known as "déconfinement" in France).

More than 28,000 people have died in France as a result of Covid-19, although the toll's climb has slowed markedly. The hospital death toll from the virus rose by 31 on Monday to 18,506, a 12th consecutive day of increases below 100. The number of coronavirus-infected patients in intensive care (1,302 on Monday) has returned nearly to levels last seen on March 20. Overall, more than 14,000 coronavirus patients remain in hospital.

No more 'red zones'

There is no more red to be found on France's coronavirus colour map. A previous map used to illustrate the easing of initial lockdown measures on May 11 showed a wide swath of the country's northeast including Pairs in red, denoting areas where the novel coronavirus was actively circulating, as opposed to green areas where it was not.

Today, only three territories – Île-de-France, which represents the greater Paris area, as well as overseas territories Mayotte in the Indian Ocean and French Guiana neighbouring Brazil – are highlighted in orange, signifying the lockdown easing there over the next three weeks will be "a little more prudent".

Parks and gardens reopening

After a highly publicised, weeks-long dispute between Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo and the French government, parks and gardens in the capital began reopening over the weekend. Hidalgo had called their continued closure a "public health" issue, underlining the paradox of allowing Parisians to use the métro and lounge on Seine quaysides while barring access to public green spaces.

Eating and drinking out

Cafés, bars and restaurants, which were shuttered across the country at midnight on March 14 amid the outbreak, are authorised to reopen to customers from Tuesday with tables spaced at least one metre apart.

Conditions will be more strict, however, in orange zones, where only outdoor terraces will be available to seat customers. Paris has pledged to allow businesses to encroach on sidewalks, streets and parking spaces accordingly.

More schools reopening

Middle schools, which remained closed in red zones after the initial lockdown easing, are permitted to reopen across the country from Tuesday. High schools, which had so far remained closed nationwide, will also begin reopening their doors. A strict health protocol remains in place for schools as children return amid the continuing epidemic, meaning numbers returning Read More – Source

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