Pure, natural and filled with love… Say ALOHA to the next big thing in sun, skin and hair care with COCOSOLIS Organic

Gorgeous skin and great tan lines are calling your name!

Glowing hair and skin are always in no matter what the time of year. COCOSOLIS will give you a sun-kissed, glowing and illuminating look all year round, available at your very fingertips.

COCOSOLIS is a natural and organic cosmetic brand that stands by its values of quality and the pureness of its products. Each product is carefully crafted using natures finest ingredients and considers the customers they are creating for.

“Created with attention to every detail and responsibility for the choice of each ingredient to achieve uncompromised quality and loads of positive energy. The products we make give the skin something real and pure, straight from nature. We choose each ingredient carefully – based on where it comes from, how it is harvested, how it is processed, and if it is grown in clean areas with organic farming.” – COCOSOLIS

The range of natural tan, skin and hair oils have been designed using high-quality raw ingredients in their most pure form in order to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients and aromas. All the ingredients used in the products are formulated to complement each other perfectly and nourish hair and skin using only natural oils. The unique product formulations allow your skin and hair to soak up all these gorgeous cold-pressed oils that are gentle to your skin and indulge in the stunning aroma it leaves behind.

The COCOSOLIS range consists of 6 collections that benefits your skin and hair:

SPF 30 / SPF 50

Natural sunscreen lotions that protect, hydrate and nourish both face and body.

The 100% natural formula and organic ingredients make it suitable for people with gentle/sensitive skin, keeping skin hydrated whilst nourishing and protecting.

The SPF also maintains a tan for longer, making it smooth and saturated.

RRP £24.00

CHOCO & ALOHA suntan and body oil

For a deep tan, hydration and a chocolate aroma, the CHOCO suntan and body oil is perfect for a fast, saturated and long-lasting tan. Aiding a deep chocolate tan on the beach, under the sun or in the solarium, it is suitable for everyday use.

If you prefer a delightful coconut aroma, then ALOHA is the one for you. The natural blend of organic and cold-pressed oils leaves a rich coconut aroma and smooth and silky skin, creating the perfect tan. Suitable for the beach and everyday use, ALOHA helps to maintain a fast-deep chocolate tan, whilst hydrating and nourishing.

Both are packed with a special mix of raw and nourishing ingredients, hydrating the skin intensely. The suntan and body oils are suitable for those with tender and sensitive skin, enriched with Vitamin E, free of colorants, allergenic, parabens and is cruelty-free. RRP £24.00


The COOL after sun oil revitalises and hydrates the skin post-sun exposure, with a lovely minty aroma. The recovery oil soothes the skin, moisturises deeply, leaving skin soft and elastic. Suitable for everyday use, the oil is a natural source of vitamins, minerals, bio-active ingredients and antioxidants.

RRP £24.00


The COCOSOLIS 3-in-1 hair oil mask is an intense hair restorative and nourishing treatment, great for the hair and scalp. Preventing breakage, split ends and tangles, especially when hair is exposed to the sun, the mask reinvigorates hair with natural oils to produce silky smooth, strong and shiny hair, stimulating fast growth. Filled with a pleasant coconut aroma, the 3-in-1 mask is suitable for those with sensitive skin.

RRP £24.00

SKIN available for stretch marks, anti-cellulite and collagen boosting

The Stretch Marks Dry Oil combats stretch marks and stimulates collagen production whilst nourishing your overall body, recommended to use on dehydrated and ageing skin. With a mandarin aroma and a light texture, the dry oil absorbs quickly and deeply into the skin, stimulating a high quality of collagen which has been proven to increase skin elasticity. Suitable for pregnant women and sensitive skin.

RRP £32.00

COCOSOLIS Anti-cellulite Dry Oil moulds and shapes the bodys silhouette, fighting cellulite and tightens, rejuvenates and refreshes the skin. When used regularly, it corrects orange peel skin while eliminating body fat and preventing it from developing.

RRP £24.00

Collagen Booster Dry Oil is perfect for the face and body. With an anti-ageing effect, the oil is a mix of eight precious oils of exotic and super fruits, as well as natural active ingredients. Rich in antioxidants, the product revitalises and refreshes the skin, leaving it young and tight, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

RRP £24.00


An illuminating and hydrating Shimmer Oil, GLOW is an illuminating dry oil with shiny particles, making skin look radiant and giving a luxurious feel and a lightness. The rich blend of organic oils and natural Vitamin E hydrates and nourishes deeply, making skin appear silky smooth and soft. Suitable for face and body application and perfect to use all year round.

For daytime, evening, or even after the shower, use the Shimmer Oil to reinforce the complexion and colour of the skin for the added shine.

RRP £34.00

And the COCOSOLIS range doesnt stop there… for all round body exfoliation, its Luxury Coffee Scrub Box is an irresistible and aromatic scrub that exfoliates, rejuvenates and nourishes the body. A mix of fine coffee, melting sugar, Himalayan salt and specially selected organic exotic oils, the box contains four scrubs, each with their own mission; to remove dead skin cells, fight stretch marks and cellulite, smoothing skin imperfections, hydrating and nourishing the skin, and improving blood circulation.

RRP £34.00

Be confident, be bold and be tanned with COCOSOLIS!

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