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PM rejects Farage’s offer to form ‘Leave alliance’

Boris Johnson has rejected Nigel Farage's offer to form a “Leave alliance”.

The prime minister told Sk..

By admin , in England , at November 1, 2019

Boris Johnson has rejected Nigel Farage's offer to form a "Leave alliance".

The prime minister told Sky's Sophy Ridge: "I've ruled out a pact with everybody because I don't think it's sensible to do that.

"We're proud of our beliefs, we're proud of our One Nation Conservatism."

Brexit Party leader Mr Farage vowed on Friday to field a candidate in every seat in Britain if the PM did not drop his EU Withdrawal Agreement and join him in a "non-aggression pact".

But Mr Johnson said he would not do a deal with any party leader.


He said: "To all the leaders of the other parties, alas the only likely consequence of voting for them, rather than for us as Conservatives, is that you are making it more likely that you will get Jeremy Corbyn…with nothing but dither and delay."

Mr Johnson also rejected Donald Trump's claim that his EU deal may hinder a future trade deal between the US and UK.

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The prime minister said: "I'm afraid I don't wish to cast any aspersions on the president of the United States, but in that respect he is patently in error, anyone who looks at our deal can see it is a great deal.

"What it does is allows us to take back control of our money, our borders and our laws, but also it allows us to have full unfettered control of our tariff schedules in Geneva."

Mr Johnson also said he was "sorry" the UK did not leave the EuropeaRead More – Source


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