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Donald Trump likely to be impeached after withholding foreign aid to try and damage rival

Donald Trump, pictured at the UN HQ in New York on Tuesday, faces a growing impeachment threat over ..

By admin , in World News , at September 24, 2019

Photo of Donald Trump at the UN Headquarters in New York on Tuesday

Donald Trump, pictured at the UN HQ in New York on Tuesday, faces a growing impeachment threat over claims he withheld aid from Ukraine in a bid to uncover dirt on potential Democratic rival Joe Biden (Picture: AFP)

Donald Trump looks increasingly likely to be impeached after withholding foreign aid in an alleged attempt to uncover dirt on a rival.

Democrats could achieve the numbers needed to impeach the President of the United States as early as tonight after House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced plans to support such action.

Pelosi, a Democrat and vocal critic of Trump, has long said such proceedings would play into the Presidents hands by allowing him to portray himself as a victim of a liberal witch-hunt, has now agreed to back impeachment proceedings, which could see Trump ousted from office.

She said Tuesday afternoon: Now we have the facts, were ready.



Calls for impeachment grew after Trump admitted delaying $400million in aid to Ukraine while appearing at the United Nations General Assembly in New York Tuesday.

Photo of Nancy Pelosi outside the US Capitol in Washington DC on Tuesday

Nancy Pelosi, pictured outside the US Capitol on Tuesday, is now said to consider Trumps impeachment inevitable, although she has long warned such proceedings could play into the presidents hands (Picture: EPA)

Trump is accused of asking Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to dig up dirt on Democratic Presidential hopeful Joe Biden and Bidens son Hunter.

He is said to have hoped to uncover information about Hunter Bidens involvement in a Ukrainian natural gas company, although there is no suggestion that former Vice President Biden or his son did anything wrong.

The president claimed on Tuesday that he only withheld the cash in a bid to force other nations to give more cash to NATO in order to help protect Ukraine from potential aggression from its neighbor Russia.

He said: As far as withholding funds, those funds were paid.

They were fully paid. But my complaint has always been, and Id withhold again and Ill continue to withhold until such time as Europe and other nations contribute to Ukraine because theyre not doing it. Trump says a full, unredacted transcript of his phone call with Zelensky will be released on Wednesday.

File photo of Joe Biden next to file photo of Donald Trump

Trump reportedly asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to try and dig up dirt on Joe Bidens son Hunter, who was involved in a Ukrainian natural gas company. There is no suggestion Hunter Biden has done anything wrong (Pictures: EPA)

Announcing the transcripts publication, Trump said: You will see it was a very friendly and totally appropriatRead More – Source