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Quality Street have pick and mix tubs at John Lewis, so you can fill your boots with your fave chocolates

Feel free to send a tin of Metro Streets to our office (Picture: Nestle)
Pretty much the only downsi..

By admin , in Food , at September 19, 2019

Feel free to send a tin of Metro Streets to our office (Picture: Nestle)

Pretty much the only downside to a big tub of Quality Street is the fact that sometimes youre left with ones you dont like.

Fans of the Green Triangle or the Purple One will know only too well the disappointment of being left with only Orange Creams in the bottom of the tin. A true Christmas tragedy.

Now, however, you can make the tin work for you, heading to John Lewiss new station to pick and mix your favourites.

The idea launched last year, but its back again in time for Christmas 2019, and this time there are some special new features and options.

Whereas last year you could pick three or more flavours to make up your perfect Quality Squad, this time you can go full throttle and opt for just one flavour in your personalised tub.

Quality Street
Which are your favourites? (Picture: Photolibrary RM)

And thats not all. John Lewis have an exclusive sweet this year, which is a milk chocolate crispy truffle bite with a praline and cereal centre. Yum.



Theyll be covered with black and gold wrapping, to match John Lewiss Christmas colours.

Gift food buyer Rachel Costello said: This year weve gone even bigger with an exclusive sweet.

In addition, for the first time, customers can choose to pick and dont mix to ensure there are no chocolates left languishing at the bottom of a tin!

There are different price points depending on what youre after. For a personalised tin (for example, John Street or Jane Street) filled with goodies is £15.

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If you just want your standard tin filled with whatever Quality Street your heart desires, thatll be £12. A normal mixed tin is £7.50.

Alternatively, for the eco conscious among you, you can bring in a tin from a previous year and fill that up with whichever sweRead More – Source


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