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Nandos is testing out a cheaper menu for your lunch break

Chicken and chips for £5.95 (Picture: Nandos)
We dont often think of Nandos as a lunch break option…

By admin , in Food , at September 11, 2019

Chicken and chips for £5.95 (Picture: Nandos)

We dont often think of Nandos as a lunch break option.

Maybe thats just us. Their halloumi sticks and chicken thighs have always felt like they should be a treat for dinner, not hastily scarfed down in place of a Boots meal deal.

Nandos is trying to change that preconception by introducing a special lunch menu, to tempt us all away from our desks and get us eating chicken at all hours of the day.

The special lunchtime menu is available as a trial from opening until 3pm, offering dishes for just £5.95.

You can take your pick from the brands new PERi-PERi Rice Bowl (chicken fillet pieces, spicy rice, chargrilled peppers, spinach, dressed corn, and a touch of heat) or customisable favourites, including 1/4 chicken and a side, three wings and a side, caesar salad, or veggie cataplana – all priced at £5.95.

nando's tests out cheaper lunch menu
The new rice bowl (Picture: Nandos)

Yes, that might be pricier than your average sandwich, but youll get some items a little cheaper than usual if you get them at lunch.



Ordering a quarter chicken with chips, for example, would usually cost you £6.70, saving you 75p if you head down at lunchtime instead of dinner.

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Getting a caesar salad, meanwhile, would usually cost you £7, saving you £1.05 if you get it for lunch (although why youd get a salad instead of chicken and chips is beyond our understanding).

Before you ditch your batch-cooked chilli and change your lunch plans, be warned that this menu is currently a trial, running from 10 September to 2 December, at select stores. Read More – Source


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