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The Love Not Hate Mate burger is here and its drizzled in Marmite

The Love Not Hate Mate burger (Picture: 7Bone Burger Co.)
Restaurants have a penchant for trying out..

By admin , in Food , at September 9, 2019

The Love Not Hate Mate burger (Picture: 7Bone Burger Co.)

Restaurants have a penchant for trying out weird and wacky additions to their burgers.

Some get it oh so right, looking at you Burger King – the halloumi burger sounds like a dream.

But other fast food joints are not all about appeasing their customers. American diner 7Bone Burger Co, which has stores around the country, is set to divide fans.

Thats because theyve added the most controversial condiment to their menu – Marmite.

The Love Not Hate Mate 6oz beef patty is drizzled with the infamous spread and then covered in a smoked yeast and Parmesan-infused mayonnaise.

Marmite has long been a divisive staple and theres no getting away from it in this burger.

The cheese sauce used generously in this meal is Marmite and cheese on toast flavoured. It is then topped off with a deep-fried Bovril onion bhaji.



Those who are on the love it side of the spectrum can get their hands on the stuff for £9.95 in various locations of 7Bone Burger Co.

Love Not Hate Mate burger
Its a big un (Picture: 7Bone Burger Co.)

Users on the 7Bone Burger Co Facebook group were divided, as expected.

I really need this! Marmite is life! wrote one person and echoing the sentiment, another wrote: That sounds delicious! Want!.

Another said: We need to go to this place. The burgers and all the other food are so nice and its such a good price for what it is!.

Some were not so keen. One person wrote: I like marmite but not sure about this, and This looks horrible.

Others dont mind being converted: Im not a fan of marmite but this burger looks good.

If quirky burgers are your thing then youll enjoy 7Bone Burger Cos other staples which include the Prince Charles Is Overrated burger, which includes bacon, cheese and pickles.

Others include the deep-fried pizza chRead More – Source


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