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Tonic wine enthusiasts can now get Buckfast BBQ sauce at their local corner shop

Buckfast gets you grilling fast (Picture: Getty/Buckfast)
Although it may be known as wreck the hoos..

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Buckfast gets you grilling fast (Picture: Getty/Buckfast)

Although it may be known as wreck the hoose juice and the cause of anti social behaviour in Scotland, Buckfast has earned a reputation for itself as the countrys national drink.

Fine Scotch might be more palatable, but its not exactly accessible for everyone, and Buckfasts unique mix of caffeine and alcohol makes it an effective and cost-effective way to perk yourself up for a night out.

Whats often not mentioned by lovers of the green bottle is the taste, which is something akin to port, but with a more syrupy sweetness. Despite the fact this isnt the most pleasant taste for everyone when drunk from the bottle or in Central Scotlands infamous Bucky-bombs, it lends itself well to cooking.

A bar in Glasgow – BLOC+ – are famed for their Buckfast ice-cream, and the BBQ glaze they make with the dark brown liquid and drizzle onto their burgers and sandwiches.

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And now, Rendalls Quality Butchers have emulated this for those who want to taste the glory right in the comfort of their very own homes.

The butcher – based in Stirling and Alva – already have a range of Buckfast infused meats (including sausages, haggis, award-winning pies, and marinated bacon and beef), and have just launched their bottles of Bucky BBQ sauce.

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The retailer says its great for marinading, topping for burgers or for dipping and it contains spices like paprika and cayenne, along with molasses and tomato paste (and of course the aforementioned beverage).

When the official Buckfast account tweeted out the news, fans shared their joy, with one saying Oh yes. Game changer!

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