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Police chief offered cop promotion in exchange for sex with his wife or daughter

Rudy Beu with vineland police

A police report accuses Vineland chief Rudy Beu of offering an officer a promotion to sleep with his wife or underage daughter (Picture: Vineland Police/Google)

A police chief allegedly promised a cop a promotion in exchange for sex with his wife or underage daughter.

The police officer from Vineland, New Jersey filed a formal complaint against his boss, Chief Rudy Beu.

Beu reportedly told the unnamed officer he would get a promotion in 2017 if he arraigned sex with his wife or daughter – who was under 13-years-old at the time.

The officer told that Beu first gave his proposal to the him at a bar, saying he would get a raise of he let Beu go home with his wife.

According to the officer: (His wife) felt very uncomfortable, and that is when she walked away.


Chief Rudy Beu has since denied the allegations against him, claiming they are retaliation. (Picture: Vineland police)

Days later, Beu allegedly made similar comments – then suggested sex with the officers daughter, according to a police report.



The officer said: As I go out the door, he says “How about your daughter?” and he starts laughing.

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He added that Beu followed him outside and shouted at his children in their fathers parked truck, claiming their dad was going to get a promotion.

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