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Mum spends £200 on emergency cake after daughters friend mistook stock image in Facebook post as a real gift

The picture Laurens mum posted on Facebook and the replica cake (Picture: Lauren Faulkner/lauzyfaulk..

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The picture Laurens mum posted on Facebook and the replica cake (Picture: Lauren Faulkner/lauzyfaulks)

Weve seen plenty of mums who dont quite get Facebook but one mums social media mix-up cost her £200.

Virginia Kavanagh posted a picture of a cake she found on Google when wishing her daughter Laurens friend Beth a happy 18th birthday.

The cake was a personalised frozen cake with the name Beth on the side Olaf on the side and Elsa on top.

She added the message: Happy 18th birthday princess, hope you have a wonderful day, you have always been our favourite!! Lots of love VV & Stephen xxx.

But when Beth responded with a message that suggested she thought the cake was a real gift from Virginia, she panicked.

Beth posted: OMG CANT BELIEVE THIS!! Thank you so much, Virginia and Stephen! Ill need to pop round today and have some xxx.

To this day I still think about when my mum found this random cake on goggle to post happy birthday to Beth and Beth thought my mum bought her the cake. My mum felt too bad to admit it wasnt hers so she paid £200 to get a replica made for the next day ???

— Lauren Faulkner (@lauzyfaulks) August 27, 2019



Not wanted to disappoint her daughters friend, Virginia contacted cake makers and paid for someone to make a replica cake for the next day, at a cost of £200.

Daughter Lauren revealed the story on Twitter, three years later, and people loved it.

One said: your poor mum bless her.

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After sharing the reaction from Twitter with her mum, Lauren shared the messages with her mum, who revealed that worst of all – Beth hadnt even eaten any of it.

She said: I like “your poor mum”!! Yes poor me!!! I felt so bad for Beth, I wanteRead More – Source


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