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Is bread actually vegan? (Why you need to start checking labels)

But… sandwiches?! (Picture: Getty)
Being a vegan can be tricky. Its so easy to be caught off guard b..

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But… sandwiches?! (Picture: Getty)

Being a vegan can be tricky. Its so easy to be caught off guard by something you were certain was completely plant-based.

Honey and avocados are great examples of deceptively non-vegan foods.

But what about bread? Its leaving a lot of you confused. And worried. Because honestly, no one wants to give up bread and the wholesome, carby comfort it provides.

So dont worry – bread, in its purest form is vegan. Its made simply of water, flour and yeast. But if you like fancy bread – thats where things can get a little bit murky.

Although most bread is typically vegan as its traditionally made with flour, water, yeast and sugar, there are certain types of loaves which may have cheese, milk butter or eggs, explains Sonal Shah, Nutritionist Resource member.

French breads for example like brioche are made with eggs and butter. Also some of the crusts are brushed with butter before they are baked.



Uh oh. So before you go to town on that French stick and slather it with vegan butter – you might need to check exactly how it was made.

With softer, cakey breads like brioche, its easier to tell that there is butter involved in the process – but spotting a brushed crust could be tough. Sonal says thats not all you need to look out for.

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Sometimes bread can contain casein, whey and non-fat milk powder, she adds.

Other types of breads that may not be vegan are crackers which can also contain dairy. Some breads may have a vegan logo but its down to the individual to check the label.

Simple as that. Check the labels people.

If youre following a strict vegan diet then nothing can really be taken for granted. Its probably best to have a quick scan of the labels on any pre-packaged food that youre buying.

And also wave goodbye to your brioche breRead More – Source


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