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The McDonalds Spicy Chicken McNuggets have arrived – heres what they taste like

These look delicious, but are they delicious? (Picture: McDonalds)
When McDonalds revealed that it w..

By admin , in Food , at August 7, 2019

These look delicious, but are they delicious? (Picture: McDonalds)

When McDonalds revealed that it would be adding Spicy Chicken McNuggets to its menu, we were excited.

Were fans of the current breadcrumb goodness, so the possibility of a fiery version was right up our street.

The popular fast-food brand also boasted a Tobasco dip to go with it and we were practically licking our lips.

The fiery new flavour has already been trialled in the US and Asia, and is a permanent feature on the Australian menu, but this is the first time it has been sold in the UK.

And today is the glorious moment it arrives in shops.

So of course, we decided to taste it. It was hard (not really) but someone had to do it.

What do the Mcdonalds Spicy McNuggets taste like? says: If Im honest I expected moderate heat at best. I know McDonalds have to sell these things to millions of people and not everyone enjoys chugging milk after a meal.



McNuggets, or as I call them nugs, were my favourite McDonalds menu item as a kid. Theres a lot of history between me and the nugs; I was excited to see a new recipe since theyre not usually a menu item that gets changed.

Its impossible to miss the difference in colour. Goodbye golden nuggets, hello orange!

The nine box of spicy chicken mcnuggets
They are pretty orange (Picture: McDonalds)

Sadly the difference in colour is about all youre going to notice.

I couldnt detect any real heat on the nuggets themselves, which is a slap in the face to aficionados like myself.

The only saving grace is the accompanying spicy tomato dip. While still really not spicy at all, the mild chilli flavour is a nice alternative to the usual sweet Heinz (which I adore).

Id recommend the dip. If you can taste any real difference in the nuggets then you have a far better pallet than me.

If youre at a McDonalds Id try asking for the dip, but I wouldnt make the journey just to try the nuggets.

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If youre not convinced, then, by all means, go try it for yourself.

The Spicy McNuggets come in a six, nine or 20-pack, and cost £3.19, £3.49 and £4.99, respectively.

Go forth and get yours.

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