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People are queuing for hours to eat at the Slutty Vegan

People are very keen to try the burgers (Picture: Slutty Vegan; CNN)
The plant-based burger joint in..

By admin , in Food , at August 7, 2019

People are very keen to try the burgers (Picture: Slutty Vegan; CNN)

The plant-based burger joint in the US city of Atlanta has become a sensation in the city and on social media.

Having just celebrated its first birthday (for which it handed out free fruit and vegetables), the Slutty Vegan has 252,000 followers on Instagram and hundreds of people queue up for hours every day in order to try the dishes – which includes the One Night Stand, Ménage à Trois and Sloppy Toppy burgers.

The One Night Stand is an Impossible Burger patty (which bleeds) topped with vegan bacon, vegan cheese, caramelised onions, lettuce, tomato, and slutty vegan sauce on a vegan Hawaiian bun, while the Ménage à Trois includes vegan shrimp.

Everything comes with a side of slutty fries.

Slutty Vegan has nothing to do with sex, founder Pinky Cole told CNN.

Being sluttified means to have the ultimate euphoric experience from eating a plant-based burger.



But its bigger than just the food, its about creating a cultural experience for people to help them to re-imagine food.


Cole opened the restaurant to bring a unique source of accessible, tasty vegan food to the black community in the rapidly-gentrifying neighborhood west of downtown Atlanta – where barbecued meat is popular.

The Slutty Vegan and Cole have positioned themselves at the heart of the black vegan movement in the US, with many black celebrities – including Tiffany Haddish, Tyler Perry, and Snoop Dogg – becoming sluttified patrons.

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