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McDonalds is launching spicy chicken nuggets with a Tabasco dip

These look delicious (Picture: McDonalds)
We love a McDonalds chicken nugget but they are about to g..

By admin , in Food , at July 30, 2019

These look delicious (Picture: McDonalds)

We love a McDonalds chicken nugget but they are about to get even more interesting.

The fast food brand has released a spicy version, complete with a Tabasco dip.

The fiery new flavour has already been trialed in the U.S. and Asia and they are a permanent feature on the Australian menu, but this is the first time theyve been sold in the UK.

The bad news is that they are only available for seven weeks so make sure you give them a try soon.

Launching at 10.30am on 7 August (dont worry, thats just over a week away), they come in six, nine or 20 packs.

The nuggets will be £3.19 for six, £3.49 for nine, £4.99 for 20.

The nine box of spicy chicken mcnuggets
They come in 20, nine or six boxes (Picture: Myles New)

Festival goers have already had a chance to try the crispy nugs from a special van, travelling the UK this summer.



The van was Y Not festival in the Peak District last weekend and will appear at other events for the rest of the summer.

Youtuber Mark Ferris was one of the first to try the nuggets at Y Not.

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Posting on Instagram, he said: It may be cold at Y Not festival but Mcdonalds uk are turning up the ?? Ive been given exclusive access to the new Spicy Nugget van! You will NOT be disappointed.

If you need something to cool down after all that heat, the fast food restaurant has also changed up the McFlurry menu for the summer.

You can pick up Flake, Flake Raspberry, Malteasers, Smarties and Oreo versions right now in both the standard large and small tubs.

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