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You could get paid £5,000 to eat nothing but chips, bread and pasta

Fancy £5,000 to eat bland foods? (Picture: Getty)
Fancy getting paid £5,000 to eat chips and pasta? ..

By admin , in Food , at July 12, 2019

Fancy £5,000 to eat bland foods? (Picture: Getty)

Fancy getting paid £5,000 to eat chips and pasta? Well, now you can, as a multivitamin subscription brand is looking for three people who only eat beige foods to try out their vitamins.

The brand, Feel, will pay you £5,000 to take a one-a-day multivitamin for a month while you continue to eat a poor diet – which includes beige foods such as chips, pasta, white bread, chicken and rice.

Youll have your nutrient levels tested before and after the trial to see whether the multivitamin was effective in generating healthy nutrient levels.

Of course, vitamins dont equal a healthy diet – and the brand wants to make that clear, which is why theyre only looking for people who already eat a pretty bland diet.

Boris Hodakel, Co-founder of Feel, said: Its becoming increasingly difficult to get all of the vitamins and nutrients required to live life on the go.

Close up of french fries.
You must already have a pretty beige diet (Picture: Getty)

Although options for nutritiously balanced food are improving all the time, there are no options that can guarantee a perfectly balanced diet, and multivitamins can be a solution.”



We in no way want to encourage people to use our multivitamin as a substitute for a healthy diet, the purpose of this study is to test the effectiveness of our product, outside of a lab or controlled environment, where results dont reflect reality.

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We want average members of the public to eat a version of the modern Western diet – under the watchful eye of a doctor and nutritionist, to see whether Feel is as good as we think it is, in the real world.

Those who are picked will be watched over carefully by a nutritionist and doctor, so that your health is looked after during the process and so they can check you are eating enough.

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