M&Ms chocolate bars are coming to the UK this month

These look tasty (Picture: Mars)

M&Ms fans, rejoice: Your favourite bags of chocolate will now come in bar-form. And yes, we are excited.

Okay, so the M&Ms chocolate bars arent exactly new – theyve been available in the U.S. and Australia for some time now – but theyre finally coming to the UK.

The chocolate bars come in four flavours: chocolate, peanut, crispy and a new hazelnut edition.

Each flavour features mini M&Ms packed into a chunky chocolate bar.

Cordelia Linacre, M&Ms Senior Brand Manager, said: Weve been inundated with requests to bring M&Ms Bars to the UK – so were extremely excited to announce that the wait is over! We invite existing fans and all chocolate lovers to get stuck in!

The chocolate bars are coming to the UK
Theyre finally coming to the UK! (Picture: Mars)

Of course, were so ready to try the new bars – especially as theyve had amazing reviews from people over in the US, who have said its the best candy in the world.



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We hope theyre right.

The bars, which will be sold in Tesco nationwide from 17 July before going on to be sold across other retailers from 17 August, will be showcased on shelves standing up, just like the M&Ms mascots.

Theyll each be selling for £2.49, and come wrapped in bright packaging much like the bags, with the M&Ms characters across the front.

We cant wait to try them.

In other exciting supermarket news, you can pick up tiny toy versions of M&S food with the Little Shop Collection, from this week.

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