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Burger King is launching the halloumi burger vegetarians have been craving

Yum (Picture: Burger King/Getty)
For a long time, vegetarian fast food options have been pretty limi..

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Yum (Picture: Burger King/Getty)

For a long time, vegetarian fast food options have been pretty limited.

You were pretty much just lumped with a patty of beans and veg or some chips.

Thats changed in recent years. McDonalds has introduced a veggie Happy Meal, Greggs released a vegan sausage roll, and KFC launched vegan chicken.

And now, Burger King is expanding its veggie options with a halloumi burger.

This is wondrous news, as veggies have long known the joy of halloumi. At a BBQ? No need for those fake patties. Just through some grilled halloumi on bread and well be set.

Now, finally, a halloumi sandwich will be readily available as a fast food option. Our dreams are coming true.

The UK launch follows a successful trial in Sweden, which caused us to beg Burger King to bring the goodness to the UK. They listened to our cries and made our wishes come true.



Burger Kings Halloumi Burger is pretty self-explanatory, but for clarity: its a buttery brioche bun with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and mayo, all tucked around crispy halloumi cheese from Cyprus.

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You can either go for a single halloumi slice (sad) or a double (rad), and get your burger alone or as a meal.

Price-wise, were talking £3.99 for a single Halloumi Burger and £5.99 for a meal, or £5.49 for a Double Halloumi Burger, £7.49 for a meal – but Burger King does say prices vary between stores. Cool.

If youre not veggie, you can also hack the menu and get a bit of halloumi added to your meaty buRead More – Source


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