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Twitter is furiously debating the accuracy of Tescos American food aisle

Are hot dogs in a jar a thing? (Picture:
As fourth of July celebrations carried on thro..

By admin , in Food , at July 6, 2019

Are hot dogs in a jar a thing? (Picture:

As fourth of July celebrations carried on throughout the United States and beyond, one Twitter user just had to ask: how accurate is Tescos American food aisle?

On first glances, the photo shows what youd expect: Hersheys chocolate, beef jerky, bourbon BBQ sauce, Pop-Tarts and sour candy. Theres also some Compal red beans that arent American, but Portuguese, and some boxes of baking soda.

The tweet has clocked 7,335 likes and more than 3,000 comments since being posted yesterday. One user also asked what Brits thought of the UK food aisle in his local Florida supermarket.

But for many Twitter users, there was one American product they couldnt unsee: hot dogs in a jar.

Americans, Im curious for your thoughts. This is our “American food aisle” in Tescos. Is this accurate to American food?

— ??? ??? (@YasmineSumman) July 4, 2019



People took to the comments section to personally distance themselves from the monstrous way of selling hot dogs, saying theyd never seen it in their lives.

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Some were utterly confused by the jar method, saying: but we have packages and Hot dog in jars? You guys are serial killers.

As for the hot dog brand in question, one Twitter user was quick to mention that hed never even heard of Dino and his famous big dogs.

Omg I'm sorry but I can't get over this monstrosity. I've never heard of Dino nor his Big Dogs, even when I lived in Brooklyn. He's totally lying.

— Wagatwe Wanjuki ?? (@wagatwe) July 5, 2019

So yeah, everybody drag Tesco.

Twitter users have also been sharing what the American food aisles look like in their country, yielding gems such as Read More – Source


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