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Samsung chief: Galaxy Fold delay was ’embarrassing’ — but no new launch date in sight – CNET

A new interview sheds some light on what went wrong with the Galaxy Fold.

Angela Lang/CNET


By admin , in Science , at July 2, 2019

A new interview sheds some light on what went wrong with the Galaxy Fold.

Angela Lang/CNET

Samsung mobile chief DJ Koh admitted on Monday that he rushed the $1,980 Galaxy Fold to market before the foldable phone was fully ready. But he stopped short of apologizing to preorder buyers who never received their device.

Koh didn't reveal a new release date for a phone that's now been delayed for 67 days. Samsung paused the Galaxy Fold release more than two months ago, a few days before its originally-planned April 26 sale date.

"It was embarrassing. I pushed it through before it was ready," Koh said during a meeting with journalists including The Independent in Seoul. "I do admit I missed something on the foldable phone, but we are in the process of recovery."

Samsung delayed the Galaxy Fold after some reviewers testing the device experienced a series of problems with the phone's foldable screen (CNET's review unit was unaffected). When closed, the Fold features a 4.6-inch traditional phone display, and opens to reveal a 7.3-inch tablet-sized screen inside.

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Koh said that the company has "more than 2,000 devices are being tested right now in all aspects," going on to say that "we defined all the issues. Some issues we didn't even think about it but thanks to our reviewers, mass volume testing is ongoing." Koh added that an update would be provided "in due course" and asked that those interested in the Fold "give us a bit more time."

Another statement was less conciliatory. "Our brand philosophy is 'do what you can't'," Stephanie Choi, Samsung's global marketing strategy head, told the group. "We make what can't be made, and do what can't be done. This [Galaxy Fold issue] is unfortunately sometimes part of this process," The Independent reported.

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