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Ranked: The UKs top 100 startups of 2019

Challenger bank Revolut has been named as the best startup of the year, followed by energy supplier Igloo..

By admin , in Tech , at July 2, 2019

Challenger bank Revolut has been named as the best startup of the year, followed by energy supplier Igloo and eCommerce marketplace Trouva, it was revealed today.

Fintech firm Revolut tops the Startups 100 list for 2019, despite receiving a spate of negative press earlier this year.

Soldo, a financial services provider for businesses, and Elder, which matches families with professional carers, made up the top five of the list.

1. Revolut

The fintech starlet tops the charts despite a torrid start to 2019 as one of a number of challenger banks to have emerged in recent years.

The company faced reports of a “toxic” culture within the workplace, the resignation of its chief financial officer, and the news that it had “made up” figures used in a controversial Tube advert.

However since being founded in 2015 it now has more than 5m customers throughout the UK and Europe, largely thanks to its attractive spending options abroad and appeal to younger users. It plans to continue its expansion after launching in Australia last month, and become a global bank with a host of different services.

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Founder and CEO, Nik Storonsky, said: “We are delighted to be crowned the winner of Startups 100 2019, alongside some truly inspirational and change-driving companies.

“Its great to be rewarded for our work in the industry, and were looking forward to building on our success. Well continue our mission to build a truly global bank and be a driving force in the industry as we expand globally and release a range of exciting new products in the coming months.”

2. Igloo

A challenger energy retailer, Igloo uses smart technology to help customers keep an eye on their usage, easily submit readings, and offer tariff recommendations.

The company has also partnered with Tesla meaning customers can charge their electric or hybrid cars using the greenest power sources.

3. Trouva

Trouva is a former Startup award winner and has continued to enjoy great growth since its inception in 2015.

The software-enabled marketplace allows customers and independent retailers to connect and has more than 150,000 unique products on sale.

“Were over the moon to have debuted at number 3,” said Mandeep Singh, co-founder and CEO of Trouva. “2018 was another year of unprecedented growth for Trouva, with European expansion taking us to the best creative neighbourhoods across the continent.

“This news is testament to the hard work of the Trouva team, as well as our community of over 700 independent boutiques. Trouva will continue to take the worlds best independent retail online, enabling customers to easily access unique, hard-to-find homewares, handpicked by master curators”

4. Soldo

The fintech firm allows companies to budget staff and department spending all in a single account, providing employees with pre-paid cards and limits.

Soldo has grown more than 500 per cent in the last year and now serves more than 60,000 businesses.

“The UK is first in class for fintech, and the sector more than tripled its previous record to hit $2.3bn of venture capital funding so far this year, Carlo Gualandri, founder and CEO tells City A.M.

“Were the only company offering enterprise grade spend management services to businesses of all sizes and we were the third company ever to be awarded an e-money licence from Irelands central bank, making us Brexit-ready and ensuring that all our European customers would experience uninterrupted service in any eventuality.”

Soldo found and CEO, Carlo Gualandri
Soldo found and CEO, Carlo Gualandri

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5. Elder

The companys app allows families to be matched with professional carers so that the elderly can live at home for longer, while ensuring they are vetted and trusted.

Elder, which was also named the third fastest growing company in the UK by Tech5, is facilitated more than 250,000 days of care since being founded in 2015.

“We are thrilled to be recognized for the 2nd time,” said COO, Gemma Bloemen. “This is a true testament to the hard work of our team and the incredible carers who work with us.”

Full list

1 – 20

Rank Company Founded Sector
1 Revolut 2015 Finance
2 Igloo 2017 Energy
3 Trouva 2015 Retail
4 Soldo 2015 Finance
5 Elder 2015 Healthcare
6 Glenhawk 2018 Finance
7 Zego 2016 Finance
8 Streetbees 2015 Tech
9 Guestready 2016 Hospitality
10 Thriva 2016 Tech
11 Mindful Chef 2015 Consumer
12 Airsorted 2015 Hospitality
13 Cazoo 2018 Tech
14 Echo 2015 Consumer
15 Trint 2016 Tech
16 Patch 2016 Retail
17 Feast It 2017 Hospitality
18 Attest 2015 Tech
19 GoGram 2017 Tech
20 Tempo 2017 Business services

21 – 40

21 PolyAI 2017 Tech
22 WeGift 2015 Tech
23 Trussle 2015 Finance
24 Lumen 2018 Tech
25 Dozens 2018 Finance
26 Ravelin 2014 Tech
27 Goodlord 2014 Tech
28 GoodBox 2016 Finance
29 MyTutor 2014 Education
30 Cudoni 2017 Business services
31 Birdie 2017 Tech
32 Gadget Discovery Club 2018 Consumer
33 H2O Hygeine Ltd 2017 Construction
34 Senseye 2014 Tech
35 Floom 2016 Business services
36 Quorso 2016 Business services
37 Attachment 2017 Media
38 Brand Advance 2018 Media
39 Panaseer 2014 Tech
40 Feedr 2017 Tech

41 – 60

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41 Debut 2015 Tech
42 Shepper 2016 Business services/products
43 Big Youth Group 2018 Education
44 Home Made 2016 Tech
45 Hazy 2017 Tech
46 Fat Llama 2016 Tech
47 By Miles 2017 Finance
48 The Cheeky Panda Ltd 2016 Consumer
49 Countingup 2017 Finance
50 Mayku 2015 Consumer
51 Edgify 2015 Tech


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