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Red Faction Guerrilla Switch Review: Get your ass to Mars (if only for Wrecking Crew mode)

Red Faction Guerrilla Switch Review: Get your ass to Mars (if only for Wrecking Crew mode) (Pic: Daily St..

By admin , in Tech , at July 1, 2019

Red Faction Guerrilla Switch Review: Get your ass to Mars (if only for Wrecking Crew mode) (Pic: Daily Star)

Nostalgia is in its final form in 2019. It's now at the point where many games are returning from the ether, and seeing if it sticks. And what better place than the Nintendo Switch.

Kaiko Games have joined in on this and have helped port Volition's third entry in the Red Faction series, 'Red Faction Guerilla', a fun game from 2009 that I remember enjoying on my PlayStation 3 back in the day.

It wasn't received highly but ever since its release it's gained a cult status, mainly due to its 'Wrecking Crew' mode, which in turn has lead to it being remastered.

This 'Re-Mars-tered' version had been released a year ago on PC, Xbox One & PS4, and it releases again tomorrow on the Switch.

The game is a cross between the first entry of the Red-Faction series and Just Cause 2, where you can destroy much of the environment, while accepting missions in a hub-world to better improve your weapons.

The game is set on Mars, which means everything has to be every shade of brown in Guerilla, which sets the scene for your time throughout the game.


“It's a game that's constantly reminding you that it was released in 2009”

The story mode isn't anything to shout about, as it's just a means of explaining why Alec Mason is part of the 'Red Faction' team, and why you need to pick and choose missions up until the final one with Admiral Kobel to take down the 'Hydra' warship.

The third-person viewpoint always seemed like an odd-choice back in 2009 and ten years later it's still perplexing, especially where previous games were in first-person.

You'll get used to it and you carry on with destroying the bridges and towers in single-player mode, but it's still offputing, even 10 years later.

Using the close combat hammer again is still as satisfying as it was back in 2009, where you can destroy the supporting girders to a tower and watch it timber, but when you use other weapons such as the assault rifle, the controls are very sensitive.

In fact, when I tried to aim with this, I found it to be very twitchy, especially when playing in handheld mode.

You can use your collected scrap throughout the game to upgrade your weapons, so if you want to reign down more fire from your Rocket Launcher, it can be done.

The later weapons and the jet-pack are when the gameplay really ramps up, and I found the beginning of single-player to be slow-going because of this, but once you stick through it, the rewards are worth the patience.

Single-player is fun enough and it has a lot of missions to keep you coming back, but a few feel like they're retreading old ground, and when you fail a mission, you're brought back to the point in the Hub where you have to accept the mission, in turn having a loading screen and trekking back to the mission-objective, which can be very frustrating at times.

Admittedly Online Mode wasn't switched on at the time of this review, but from checking the mode's menus, all of the six modes from before are here, and are ready to go.

But though single-player isn't much to shout about, the 'Wrecking Crew' mode is where the game really shines, and it's why I still regard 'Guerrilla' as a very fun entry, and perfect for the Switch.

Essentially it's a 'rampage mode' with scores, similar to Grand Theft Auto, where you have to knock down the buildings as fast as possible.

You're given unlimited ammo and a time limit, and you can reign fire on all the buildings in the map. There's also a leaderboard so you can compete against others for your fastest times.

It's a mode you'Read More – Source


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