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The best pink gin cans to emulate the iconic London underground drinker

(Picture: @langcatlocke)
Drinking on a train is having a bit moment right now, after Diane Abbott wa..

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(Picture: @langcatlocke)

Drinking on a train is having a bit moment right now, after Diane Abbott was spotted with a cheeky tin of Mojito on the Overground, and another icon (who we dont know the identity of) was seen having a refreshing pink gin in a wine glass.

Although drinking on TfL trains is strictly prohibited, well behaved women rarely make history (at least thats what the Tonight Josephine sign tells us) and we all love a little pre-drink on the way to a night out. Plus, other rail networks allow drinking, so you dont have to break the rules to enjoy.

Where train boozing used to mean a warm can of beer from the corner shop, you can now get yourself all manner of tinned tipples.

Pink gin, in particular, is a perfect mix of classy and trashy, and you dont need to bring a glass when its in a tin – but you can for added extra points.



If youd like to emulate our pink gin hero, here are the best options on the UK high street right now.


gordon's pink gin in a tin
(Picture: Tesco)

Gordons have really become the name in pink gin recently, with their readily-available and tasty offering.

Theirs has notes of raspberry and redcurrant, making it nice and sweet, while the tonic adds an extra sharpness.

These tins are currently on offer at Tesco, so you can get four for the price of three. Theyre £1.80 each.

Marks & Spencer

M&S have made a name for themselves with their tinned cocktails over the years, given their prominence at train stations.

Their original gin in a tin was featured in Fleabag, and they saw a huge rise in sales as a result.

These tins combine the brands Think Pink gin – which is infused with cranberry – and tonic, and is available in store.


bosford rose gin and tonic can
(Picture: The Drinks Basket)

At just £1 each, you really cant beat the price of these (although you do need to buy them online, and therefore ahead of your hometime sesh).

Bosfords Rosé gin (made with juniper, coriander, angelica, lemon and orange peel alongside natural strawberry and raspberry flavors) is added to tonic, for a stunning English-made bevvy.

Pick them up at The Drinks Basket now.


alfie pink gin and tonic can
(Picture: Morrisons)

Another that comes in at £1 is Alfies, which is available at Morrisons.

According to reviewers, these have a distinct hint of strawberry, and we cant knock the fact theyre made with natural colours and flavours.




sainsbury's gin and rose lemonade can
(Picture: Sainsburys)

If you look closely at Madame Pink Gin of the Tube, it appears that this is the one shes drinking from her glass.

This actually isnt a pink gin, rather a gin and rose lemonade, but it does sound delicious.

If youre new to the gin game, this could be an option, as the rose lemonade takes some of the bitterness out. It costs £1.25.


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