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Xbox Scarlet E3 News COUNTDOWN: Games, Rumours, Specs, Release Date, Price Updates TODAY

Xbox Scarlett E3 News COUNTDOWN: Games, Rumours, Specs, Release Date, Price Updates TODAY (Pic: MICROSOFT..

By admin , in Tech , at June 9, 2019

Xbox Scarlett E3 News COUNTDOWN: Games, Rumours, Specs, Release Date, Price Updates TODAY (Pic: MICROSOFT)

It's Sunday, June 9. Somewhere, Phil Spencer and Matt Booty are standing in the mirror, psyching themselves up, excitedly jumping up and down, ready to deliver the biggest show Xbox has ever taken to E3.

The conference show is going to be a special one – we know that the E3 showcase has previously been used by Microsoft to show off its upcoming roster of games, new additions to the [email protected] platform and (the focus of this page) new hardware.

The whispers that are doing the rounds about xCloud and the working relationship Microsoft and Sony are establishing to keep Google's Stadia tech at bay, we're thinking this year's E3 could be the first in a while to really up the stakes.

Microsoft hasn't exactly been shy about teasing Xbox Scarlett up to this point, and we're likely going to see a lot of Sony's PS5 in the weeks to come, too – so get ready for the first onslaught of next-gen alphabet soup and jargon as we start to unpick what it all means.

Microsoft's press conference will kick off June 9 at 9pm BST (or that's 1pm PT, 4pm ET, 10pm CEST if you're not in the UK).

You can expect the presser to last the better part of two hours this time (more at the link above if you want to learn about that stat). That will make E3 2019's show the longest Xbox showcase, ever. Get excited.

We learned Microsoft had acquired Ninja Theory, inExile Entertainment, Obsidian and more developers besides at E3 last year – expect to hear updates about what they're working on this time around.

Halo Infinite, Gears 5, more Forza, updates on the rumoured Fable game and more are all expected, too – and they're all likely available on the next-gen Xbox, too – here's what we know about that mysterious piece of tech so far.

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Xbox Scarlett – What we know so far

We've seen the Xbox One vanilla, the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X all come to market this generation. Various forms of each of those consoles have manifested, too – there's even a discless version of the One S on the market now that we think could pave the way for new discless consoles from Microsoft in the future.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has repeatedly said “consoles” rather than “console” when talking about the future ecosystem of the Xbox brand, and paired with various reports about Microsoft planning more than one console next gen, we think this is fully intentional.

So far, we have heard that the Scarlett platform will be broken down into two main parts: “Lockhart” is reportedly a device similar in power to the Xbox One X that'll come in at a cheaper price point than the “Anaconda” – a more powerful console aimed at the core gaming audience.

Both will support and run Project xCloud, a streaming service that allows games on the Xbox platform to be played on a variety of lower-powered devices such as mobile phones, TVs and tablets (and likely the Nintendo Switch, if the company's relationship with the House of Mario continues to develop.

Phil Spencer said he is “very proud of [Xboxs] track record of compatibility” to Eurogamer when asked about the feature making an appearance next gen – looks like your current games library is safe, then.

Halo Infinite – Release Date

We first heard the majority of the information on this paRead More – Source


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