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Dad who put 88 drug wraps in his mouth died after bags got stuck in his airway

Edir Frederico Da Costa, 25, died six days after the incident (Picture: PA/GoFundMe)

A young father died af..

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Picture of Edir Frederico Da Costa, 25, who died after stuffing wraps of drugs in his mouth when police detained him, next to a picture of protesters.

Edir Frederico Da Costa, 25, died six days after the incident (Picture: PA/GoFundMe)

A young father died after after a plastic bag full of drugs got stuck in his airway while police pinned him face down on the floor.

Edir Frederico Da Costa, 25, died almost a week he was stopped by officers in June 2017, having stuffed around 88 wraps of class A drugs in his mouth.

Jurors concluded after an inquest lasting almost five weeks that the death caused by misadventure after his upper airway became obstructed and led to cardiorespiratory arrest.

The 11-member panel were advised by senior coroner Nadia Persaud there was no legal or factual basis for a conclusion which was critical of the police.

The death led to riots on the streets of London following claims he had been brutally beaten by police.

Campaigners face off with police near Richmond Road in Forest Gate, north east London, as they protest over the death of Edir Frederico Da Costa, who died on June 21 six days after he was stopped in a car by Metropolitan Police officers in Woodcocks, Beckton, in Newham, east London.

Campaigners faced off with police following Mr Da Costas death in Beckton, east London (Picture: PA)

But an Independent Police Complaints Commission report said there were no injuries suggesting severe force had been used.



Mr Da Costa died six days after the car he was travelling in with Jussara Gomes and Claude Greenaway was pulled over by five plain-clothed police officers in Beckton, east London.

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The car trader – who had a number of convictions for burglary, theft, and possession of cocaine – was being restrained in the prone position when around 20 to 30 wraps were spotted on the ground near his mouth, the jury said.

The deceased – known to family and friends as Edson – became unresponsive, was placed in the recovery position and paramedics removed a plastic bag containing wraps of drugs from his airway.

He died in Newham University Hospital on June 21 after a period in intensive care.

Man died in custody when drugs got stuck in his throat Edir Frederico Da Costa Picture: GoFundMe

He had put 88 wraps of drugs in his mouth at some point during the incident (Picture: GoFundMe)

Mr Da Costa, who was born in Portugal but moved with his family to London aged five, had placed 88 wraps of class A drugs in his mouth at some point before or after getting out of the car, the jury said.

They acknowledged the ambulance service had initially been given the wrong address by police but said the delay had not contributed to his death.

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Mr Da Costas father Ginario Da Costa said it had been difficult to listen to some of the evidence at the inquest.

Following the jurys findings, he said in a statement: To hear the detail of the last moments of Edirs life has been an extremely traumatic experience for the whole family and is something we will never be able to erase from our minds.



He said questions remain for the familyRead More – Source





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