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Asda launches £2 donut burgers that are perfect for bagels

(Picture: Asda/Getty)
Asda has launched some donut shaped beef burgers, with holes specially designe..

By admin , in Food , at April 27, 2019

(Picture: Asda/Getty)

Asda has launched some donut shaped beef burgers, with holes specially designed to be filled with food.

The new donut burgers cost £1.97 for a packet of two.

The hole is there so that you can fill the burger with whatever you like – whether thats a fried egg, some melted cheese or if you just fancy putting a massive dollop of ketchup in the middle.

Though if youre fancying something really meaty, Asda suggests filling it with pulled pork. Mmm.

The donut shaped beef patties mean theyre perfect for bagels, or you could simply tower them up in a brioche bun with a load of filling inside.

The patties are currently on sale in stores and online at all 631 Asda supermarkets across the UK.

In other burger news, if youre in London on 1 May, you can get one smothered in pink glitter, as Uber Eats has launched a limited-edition Pink Wednesday Menu in celebration of Mean Girls.

The holes could be filled with cheese or a fried egg
(Picture: Asda)

The food delivery app will launch the limited-edition menu on Wednesday 1 May, and youll be able to order a special selection of dishes through the app.



Uber Eats says: Pink, delicious and totally fetch, this menu is for everyone, regardless of whether you eat with The Plastics, JV Jocks, Burnouts or are lucky enough to sit with the Best People You Will Ever Meet.

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The menu features burgers, hot dogs, salads, fries, cake and more, all pink and glittery and perfect for anyone who wants to get in on the pinRead More – Source


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