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Apple HomePod Price SLASHED! Smart speaker is still king and now even cheaper

Apple HomePod Price Drop! Smart speaker is still king and now even cheaper (Pic: APPLE)

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By admin , in Tech , at April 14, 2019

Apple HomePod Price Drop! Smart speaker is still king and now even cheaper (Pic: APPLE)

Apple's HomePod speaker has seen a remarkable price drop recently making one of the best smart speakers on the market a far more attractive proposition to those who might have held off buying since its launch last February.

The speaker has been met with mixed reviews but the one thing that's been unequivocal is the praise heaped on the products sound.

In fact when we go back to our review last year we were quick to point out that the speaker performs impeccably making some of its cheaper rivals sound embarrassingly poor.

However, as Bloomberg has described, sales of the HomePod have been "Sluggish".

This is likely due to Apple's high price point – previously over £319 – which has in all likelihood turned away customers.

Especially when Apple's rival smart speakers such as Amazon's Echo and Google's Home speakers have retailed for significantly less at around the £100 mark.

However, the HomePods steep price has recently been slashed.

Earlier this month, Apple decided to drop the price of the smart speaker to just £279.

Whilst still pricey it does at least make it a far more compelling proposition for anyone looking for a top quality speaker or as a replacement home media system.

Tight on cash?

That's ok, don't worry about it, because this appears to be a permanent price drop from Apple, not a flash in the pan sale.

Apple has not commented on this price-drop, but hopefully, the price will continue to tumble and if the rumours are true, it's quite possible that will be the case if Apple releases a couple of new products.

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Allegedly Apple could be preparing to release a few new HomePod models, such as a HomePod 2 and a HomePod Mini variant to better rival the suite of cheaper Amazon Echo and Google devices.

Rumours of a new HomePod have been swirling since back in June 2018 last year when Bloomberg Read More – Source