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Would you eat this 1,000 calorie burger bomb that weighs a kilo?

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By admin , in Food , at April 4, 2019

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Whenever we see an insane deep fried meal, we probably think Murica. Because, lets be honest, our friends over the side of the pond like to fry a lot of things.

But this time its our pals Down Under having a go at creating mega calorie treats.

Food bloggers Cory and Leon uploaded a video on Instagram of the Cheese Burger Bomb, available at a restaurant in Australia.

The 1,000 calorie burger weighs a whopping kilogram and is made with two beef patties, four slices of cheese, a pinch of lettuce, onions and pickles.



Its coated it with a thick layer of breadcrumbs, deep-fried until golden brown and then its drizzled all over with a pot of melted cheese.

It is the work of Chef Ian at restaurant Greenhorns, Perth, Australia, who showed the bloggers how the meal is put together.

Do you reckon you could handle it? (We probably could).

(Picture: Cheat Meats)

Though at first it looks like an average cheeseburger, layers are added to it until it becomes a bomb.

Once the layer of breadcrumbs has been added and deep-fried, it looks much bigger than your average snack.

But that thick layer of melted cheese will mean youll need to eat the bomb using a knife and fork – no one wants to have a cheesy smell on their hands for the rest of day, after all.

Burger bomb Picture: cheatmeats METROGRAB
(Picture: Cheat Meats)

Followers of the Instagram account couldnt decided if they loved it or hated it. Some called it a heart attack while others admitted it looked pretty tasty.

One person wrote: Dont know what it was coated in but it still made my mouth water, while another said: Get in my belly.

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Others werent feeling it: I have to knock it. It would make me sick. Burgers, steak, roast beef, no red for me, please.

Another user said: Gross! Im a huge burger fan, but no.



As a guide, the NHS says men need around 2,500kcal (10Read More – Source


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