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All the new Google Assistant products from CES 2019 – CNET

The Kohler Verdera Smart Mirror will ship in a Google Assistant-compatible version.


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By admin , in Science , at January 5, 2019

The Kohler Verdera Smart Mirror will ship in a Google Assistant-compatible version.


CES 2019 is just about to kick off, and as in the last few years, you can expect an outpouring of product news for hardware that supports one or more of the various voice assistants.

It's no secret that Google and Amazon are locked in battle for smart home supremacy. As the market share leaders, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant will make up the bulk of the voice support news. We have another post tracking all the Alexa announcements. Here we'll run down all the new Google Assistant devices.

You'll see many of the same products on both lists, thanks to savvy third-party device makers who want to give customers choice. Keep reading to see exactly where Google stands in this war of voice assistants. We'll update this post often too as CES runs its course, so check back frequently for new developments.

New things that work with Google Assistant

Here's the current list of novel CES products that manufacturers say will support Google's AI voice interface.

GE Lighting

C by GE smart lighting

GE's current line of smart lighting will enjoy tight integration with Google Assistant. Called C by GE, the lineup contains LED bulbs, light switches and dimmers, plus smart plugs and sensors. While you can also control the devices with Alexa, that setup requires an additional hub. Owners of Google Home devices won't need one, however. Instead they can operate GE lights directly through Assistant. Support for Apple HomeKit will arrive later this year as well.

Read CNET's preview of C by GE lighting products.


D-Link Battery Wi-Fi Water Sensor

Get alerts for home water leaks in real time with this $50 D-Link sensor. It talks to the cloud wirelessly, and comes with a 6-foot probe. It's also battery-powered so you can deploy it in lots of spots around the house.

D-Link also has a pair of new smart plugs — all three devices support Google Home products and Google Assistant.

Read CNET's preview of D-Link's Wi-Fi Water Sensor and smart plugs.


Kohler smart bathroom

Have lots of money to burn, and crave a bathroom remodel that puts Google Assistant within easy access? Consider Kohler's smart bathroom collection. Within the line are an intelligent toilet, a free-standing bath, a lighted mirror and a lighted three-piece vanity. All have accent lights you can control through voice commands put to Google Assistant. There's a Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror too, which comes in either Google Assistant or Alexa models.

Read CNET's preview of Kohler's smart bathroom products.


Gourmia 11-in-1 Deluxe Multicooker

Appliance maker Gourmia unveiled a new, smart kitchen appliance. The $150 11-in-1 Deluxe Multicooker works with Google Assistant voice commands. It will also respond to voice instructions you give to Alexa, plus Gourmia's Mia mobile app.

Read CNET's preview of the Gourmia 11-in-1 Deluxe Multicooker.


Klipsch Bar 40G sound bar

Most home theater rigs don't provide much free space to add extra components. Create a little more room with the 40-inch Klipsch Bar 40G sound bar. It's designed to offer the sound of multiple speakers in one. It also boasts native support for Google Assistant. That'll help you avoid additional clutter by not having to squeeze in a smart speaker too.

Read CNET's preview of the Klipsch Bar 40G sound bar.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Vuzix Blade

The $999 Vuzix Blade might be the first pair of Alexa-compatible smart glasses. Its creators also say they'll add compatibility with Google Assistant in the future too. The headset takes video and photos, and plays audio through integrated headphones. It can also display images, video, apps and messages, right on the lenses.

Read CNET's preview of the Vuzix Blade.

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