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Crisps withdrawn from sale for being offensive to Welsh people

(Picture: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)
Crisps containing a description of Rhodri the coal miner have be..

By admin , in Food , at November 27, 2018

(Picture: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Crisps containing a description of Rhodri the coal miner have been withdrawn from shelves because they are offensive to Welsh people.

The snacks, produced by the REAL Crisps, a brand owned by the Northern Ireland based , had a message on the back describing the life of Rhodri.

It said: Meet Rhodri.

Or Rhondda Rodders to the lads down the Lamp & Helmet.

Like his father, his father and his father before him, this Real Welshman was born to swing a pick.

But after work hed rather pick a pack of his favourite Colliers Powerful Welsh Rarebit crisps.

Forget other flavours, for him it has to be a bag of the black stuff and a taste so strong its put a canary on its back.

But people werent happy with message and described it as stereotyping.

Dear Real Crisps,
I know a Rhodri from the Rhondda & not even his “real Welsh” father “swung a pick” because there avn bin a pit in the Rhondda since the 80s.
No ones buying nostalgia crisps cause ur grandfather died of pneumoconiosis.
Be “Real”.
Sell crisps not bullshit

— Siôn Tomos Owen (@sionmun) November 18, 2018

Not only stereotyping and Racist but also implying that you can't be a Real Welshman unless you worked down a pit. !!!

— Jean Smith (@jeansmith52) November 18, 2018

The company has apologised and have said they are delisting the product from sale.

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Matthew Smith, Marketing Director for REAL Crisps said: We are sorry for any distress that has been caused by the wording on the packets of our Welsh Rarebit flavoured crisps.

We certainly didnt mean to be insensitive.

This product was launched over four years ago and fitted into our range where each flavour has its own tongue-in-cheek caricature.

Until now we had not received any feedback, however, recent comments pointing out how the story on the packet could be interpreted now seem really obvious but unfortunately we didnt pick this up when we were designing the pack.

We have taken the comments on board and would like to apologise wholeheartedly.

We have also started delisting the product.

Our customers opinions are really important to us, we want them to enjoy REAL crisps and I hope that they will see that we are responding to their feedback.

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