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Tyson Fury explains why Deontay Wilder would beat Anthony Joshua

Tyson Fury believes Deontay Wilder would beat Anthony Joshua (Picture: Getty)
Tyson Fury says Deonta..

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Tyson Fury believes Deontay Wilder would beat Anthony Joshua (Picture: Getty)

Tyson Fury says Deontay Wilder is all wrong for Anthony Joshua and would beat the world heavyweight champion.

Joshua, 29 currently holds three of the four major championships in the sport: the IBF, WBA and WBO title.

Wilder, who will fight Fury next weekend, has held the WBC heavyweight title for the past three years.

Joshua is said to be desperate to fight Wilder and the pair were in talks up until Fury penned a deal with the American star.

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And ahead of their much-anticipated bout in LA on Saturday night, Fury has claimed Wilder would defeat Joshua.

Without being biased towards the British guy, I think Wilders all wrong for Joshua, the 30-year-old told the Telegraph.

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Hes very tall and rangey, and hes got dynamite in his hands. And Joshua, if you throw five punches, youll probably hit him with four.

He blocks with his hands. Hes got the classic style of defence where he catches and counters. He walks forward.

Anthony Joshua holds three of the four major heavyweight belts (Picture: Getty)

With someone like Wilder, you cant afford to stand there and take them punches. Because no matter how strong you are, hell get them shots through.

Whoever wins between me and Wilder will then go and fight Joshua and be victorious.

Not because Joshua is terrible, but me and Wilder are all wrong for Joshua.

Wilder, meanwhile, has said he will be Furys worst nightmare when they meet in the ring on December 1.

Wilder says he will be a nightmare for Fury (Picture: Getty)

Last month, Fury added Freddie Roach to his team to work under trainer Ben Davison.

They can instruct him, motivate him but theres only one man in the ring, said Wilder. It aint no team thing.

When you get multiples of trainers, for me that is nervous behaviour.

They can have tall guys, guys who are strong, fast guys with a real jab to spar but it will never be a full Deontay Wilder.

Youll never find that. I have never been by the textbook. I love my style. No one can understand it or figure me out.

The heavyweights will fight in LA next weekend (Picture: Getty)

Everyone will realise I am special. I am a gift from God. Im going to be his worst nightmare.

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This is my coming out party, somewhere I should have been a long time ago. Difficulties in the sport and my life didnt allow me to have some things.

In this fight I think a lot of people will wake up. You have denied me and hated on me for so long.

No one is going to beat me on this special day. I do it for my children. Im the realest fighter in the world and some people cant handle real.

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