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Carlos Tevez speaks out after Boca Juniors team bus attack: We are being forced to play against River Plate

Carlos Tevez was angry with the decision to play the game. (FOX Sports)
Carlos Tevez claims Boca Jun..

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Carlos Tevez was angry with the decision to play the game. (FOX Sports)

Carlos Tevez claims Boca Juniors are being forced to play the Copa Libertadores final after their team bus was attacked by River Plate fans before the game.

Two Boca Juniors players, Pablo Perez and Gonzalo Lamardo, were sent to hospital as a result of the injuries they suffered in the attack.

Perez was one of the players who was more severely injured as he suffered multiple cuts to his arm, while shards of glass from the shattered bus windows went into his eye.

Tevez, meanwhile, was seen gagging as he made his way to Bocas dressing room after he inhaled the tear gas used by police to disperse River Plate fans.

Speaking before the match, Tevez slammed CONMEBOLs initial decision to go ahead with the game before the game was postponed until Sunday.

We just wanted to come and tell people that we are being forced to play despite having teammates that are not in the best condition, Tevez told FOX Sports.

? l Torcedores do River Plate apedrejaram o ônibus do Boca Juniors na chegada ao Monumental de Núñez, na confusão a policia acabou jogando gás de pimenta para afastar a multidão. Alguns jogadores Xeneizes estão passando mal no vestiário, entre eles Tévez e Ábila.

— Guia do Futebol (@OGuiadoFutebol) November 24, 2018

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This is a social problem. I think that is the reason, more than anything else, as to why they want to play this match.

That goes beyond the condition we as a team found ourselves in right now.

We are being forced to play a match where we do not have the appropriate conditions to take part in.

Yet executives from the AFA, CONMEBOL and FIFA want us to play in a few minutes and we are not even changed yet.

I experienced the pepper gas incident while I was abroad and I saw on television that many River players said not one Boca player came over to ask how they were

Today, not one River player came over to see how we were, at least that I know of. We do not feel their support. Were furious.

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