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Mum says rat-infested council flat nearly killed her three times

A desperate mum-of-five living in a rat and maggot-infested council flat says she cant take it anymore.


By admin , in England , at November 23, 2018

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A desperate mum-of-five living in a rat and maggot-infested council flat says she cant take it anymore.

Michelle Smith says her heart stopped three times during a hospital visit last week after the infestation left her with heart failure.

The 42-year-old, from Northfield, Birmingham, claims that despite numerous visits by environmental officers nothing practical has been done to the issue blighting her ground floor flat.

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And the mum said the rodents have gnawed a huge hole in the familys bathtub, meaning since August they have had to shower at their local swimming pool, which costs £10 per trip.

She also blames the scourge on the death of her dog, who died after eating some of the rat bait scattered around the flat.

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Michelle has released shocking footage of the huge rodent darting across the kitchen floor.



She said: Im at rock bottom, were too scared to go into the rooms because its so bad.

Its disgusting and makes you sick – we shouldnt live like this.

Pictured Michele Smith from Northfield, has been living in her home infested with Rats for nearly thirteen years.

Michelle Smith claims the stress of living in a house which is overrun with vermin has given her a heart condition (Picture: BPM)

Ive stood on a headless rat in the kitchen before, with my bare feet.

Now the kitchen is completely out of bounds, I just cant go in there knowing rats are in there.

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One time a rat was just sat in the middle of the kitchen, another one was sat on my toaster then I found one in my sunbed.

Now weve barricaded our house; our windows are constantly locked because of it – its almost prison-like.

Michelle, who moved into the property in 2005, said: I had heart failure two weeks ago because of it and I was in hospital for ten days, I had my heart restarted three times.

PIC FROM Caters News - (PICTURED: One of the rats in Mitchelles kitchen) - A mum who filmed horrifying footage of a huge rat running through her familys council house claims the stress caused her to DIE three times.Mum-of-five Michelle Smith, alleges she needed her heart restarting three times during a hospital visit last week after her homes infestation of rats and maggots left her with heart failure.SEE CATERS COPY

she filmed one of the rats to show what is happening (Picture: Caters)

Ive had countless infections, one which took five lots of antibiotics to get rid of it. My doctor is even thinking of putting me on lifelong antibiotics because of infections.

The council just dont care.

Theyve sent people out multiple times, but nothing has happened.

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They havent contacted me since August this year, and theyve lied by saying our first contact was in 2017, its been at least five years.



Michelle said the infestations have also impacted her social life, as she alleges people no longer visit her home.

A Birmingham City Council spokesman said: Housing officers visited the tenant on Tuesday [20 November] following a report of rats at the property, with environmental health officers visiting yesterday [22 Nov].

We will be carrying out works to seal entry points to the propertys drains as well as fitting a gully grid.







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