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Cards Against Humanity is selling diamonds, TVs, actual money and more for 99% off – CNET

Forget deep discounts on video games. Ignore the doorbuster ads for new TVs. That half price laptop ..

By admin , in Science , at November 23, 2018

Forget deep discounts on video games. Ignore the doorbuster ads for new TVs. That half price laptop you body-slammed someone's grandma to get? A total rip off.

The best deals of Black Friday can't be had in stores. You can only find them in Cards of Humanity's latest publicity stunt: a ridiculous, amazing and seemingly randomized 99-percent off sale.

Want a 2015 Red Ford Fiesta with 25k miles on it? You got it. Just $97.50.


How about the 1.5 Carat, Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement ring shown above? That'll be just 32.15

Fine, we know what you really want: Bill Pulman's Actual Flight Suit from the movie Independence Day. $39.95. Don't let this deal go quietly into the night.


Okay, technically these deals have already all sold out, but they were all real, and more deals are coming. At least that's what the company promises. "All these products are actually available for 99% off," the company writes. "If you purchase something we will actually ship it to you.

Card's Against Humanity's deals site,, puts up one ridiculously discounted item ever ten minutes. So far they've sold 17the century weaponry, $20 bills (for $0.20!), Ponchos and an $34, 85-inch Sony 4k Ultra HD Smart LED TV.

Getting the deals isn't easy though. In addition to beating other shoppers through the checkout process, you have to answer a question to prove you're not a robot.


This isn't the first time Cards Against Humanity has pulled a ridiculous publicity stunt. Once, they turned into a potato chip company. Another time, they raised prices for Black Friday, charging customers $5 more for their card game than the normal price. Last year, they let customers donate to a fund that exclusively paid for the digging of a giant hole in the middle of nowhere.

That's Cards Against Humanity for you.

No go enjoy the best, most ridiculous deal in holiday savings.





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