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This is why you never get enough cola bottles in a bag of Haribo

(Picture: Haribo)
The subject of the best Haribo is divisive. It can end friendships. Cause family f..

By admin , in Food , at November 21, 2018

(Picture: Haribo)

The subject of the best Haribo is divisive. It can end friendships. Cause family feuds.

But what we can probably all agree on is that its not gummy bears. Which is unfortunate, because bags of Haribo are brimming with them

New research from Magnet has found that the much-maligned edible teddy makes up 38% of an average bag of Haribo – thats almost twice as many as any other variety.

No wonder were always left fighting over our favourites.

Researchers found that an average 190g pack of Haribo Starmix contains more than three times as many gummy bears as fried eggs – theres also a dearth of love hearts.

The cola bottles may not fare the worst in terms of figures, but its certainly the sweet a lot of us would like to see more of.

When it comes to Haribo, we all have our favourites. But what are the chances of picking out your favourite sweet? (Picture: Magnet)
(Picture: Magnet)

The study found that theres a one in five chance of picking out a ring, a 16% chance of getting a heart and just a 14% chance of choosing a cola bottle. Outrageous.

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But if you happen to be a foamy fried egg lover, your odds are even worse. In an average handful youve only got a 12% chance of picking an egg.

To find out these groundbreaking figures, researchers painstakingly picked through 100 packs of Starmix and counted 5,738 sweets – thats some serious dedication.

A bag of Haribo Starmix sweets
(Picture: Haribo)

An average bag contains 22 gummy bears, with the only other sweet coming close being the rings at 11 per bag. Cola bottles average at just 8 per pack, and

So gummy bear obsessives are in luck, but for everyone else, you probably want to get in there quickly to secure your faves.

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