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GameStop’s Black Friday deals on Xbox One and PS4 start Sunday, Nov. 18 – CNET

GameStop/Screenshot by CNET
GameStop's Black Friday sale has been revealed, and… it's pre..

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GameStop/Screenshot by CNET

GameStop's Black Friday sale has been revealed, and… it's pretty underwhelming. The game retailer is effectively offering the same baseline $199 PS4 and Xbox One deals as every other big store under the sun. But GameStop's timing is significant: its sale prices start Sunday, Nov. 18. That's three days before Walmart (Wednesday, Nov. 21) and four days before most other retailers.

Highlights are below. Note that:

  • Sale prices don't start until Sunday, Nov. 18 and are in effect until Monday, Nov. 26 while supplies last.
  • CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured below.

PlayStation 4

As shown above, GameStop is offering the same (great) 1TB PS4 + Spider-Man bundle for $199 that's widely available elsewhere. But since it's at GameStop first — sure, might as well take the plunge.

GameStop is also offering the PSVR bundle for $249 ($100 off): the PSVR helmet, two Move controllers, the PlayStation camera, Creed: Rise to Glory and Superhot. Again, this one is widely available nearly everywhere, but GameStop will have it first.

See it at GameStop

As for titles, it's a pretty nice selection of PS4 games at good prices — but you might want to price check these versus the frequent digital sales at Sony's online store. Some notable recommendations (all PS4 exclusives):

Xbox One

GameStop/Screenshot by CNET

The Xbox story is much the same. GameStop is offering the same 1TB Xbox One Minecraft bundle for $199 that is available at nearly every other retailer. But you'll find it here first.

As for the Xbox One games that GameStop is advertising — they seem far less appealing than their PS4 equivalents, for this reason: All 4 titles highlighted in the GameStop circular — PUBG, Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon 4 and State of Decay 2 — are available on the "all you can eat" Xbox Game Pass service, which Microsoft is offering to new users for $1 a month (to start) between now and the end of the year. If you have a fast internet connection, that's the way to go. At least start with that to sample them, and then pay full price if you really fall in love with a particular title.

Meanwhile, avoid the $70 off Xbox promo for other Xbox One consoles. You can get the step-up Xbox One X for $100 off at plenty of other retailers later in the week.

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'30 percent off whatever you can stuff into the $5 bag'

Weirdly, the Nintendo Switch is completely absent from the GameStop ad, so we want to make sure you know you can buy the Switch with Mario Kart 8 bundled in at no extra charge at many other retailers later in the Black Friday week.


Yes, really.

GameStop/Screenshot by CNET

Instead, GameStop is offering an oddball promo: You can get 30 percent off whatever "stuff" (with plenty of caveats) you can cram into a tote bag. Oh, and you need to spend $5 on the bag, to boot. Personally, it doesn't look particularly fun to me — but you do you.

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