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Subway launches baubles filled with its most popular sauces

(Picture: Subway)
Baubles filled with stuff arent a new thing, weve already seen gin and cocktail fi..

By admin , in Food , at November 8, 2018

(Picture: Subway)

Baubles filled with stuff arent a new thing, weve already seen gin and cocktail filled baubles.

But now, Subway sauce baubles are a thing, and theyre… interesting, to say the least.

The Subway baubles come in celebration of the launch of Subways new Christmas menu.

(Picture: Subway)

The range of tree decorations includes baubles filled with Chipotle Southwest, Sweet Onion and Red Chilli sauce – the three most popular Subway sauces.

While you might be wanting to get your hands on the baubles, you will have to be patient and theyre currently only being tested and wont actually come out until next year.

(Picture: Subway)

Colin Hughes, Country Director, UK at Subway says: Fans on social rave about our sauces, and especially our signature Chipotle Southwest.

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So we are working on ways to give them what we know they want – the chance to get their hands on the Subway range of condiments. We predict the Subway Bauble Collection will be must-have Christmas decorations for sauce fans!

(Picture: Subway)

If you are a fan of Subway and want to get into the Christmas spirit now, however, the new festive menu is out now. It includes a new Six-inch Christmas Cracker Sub, which comes with turkey, bacon, cranberry sauce, orange chutney, pork and sage stuffing and gravy, and a new chocolate and orange cookie.


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