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Rick Ross favourite Wingstop arrives in London — are the wings as good as they say?

October proved to be a great month for fast food in London.

First we were blessed with the opening ..

By admin , in Food , at November 8, 2018

October proved to be a great month for fast food in London.

First we were blessed with the opening of Asias answer to KFC, Jollibee, and then chicken wing experts Wingstop opened their doors.

Located on Cambridge Circus, the site is the flagship restaurant for the US chain as it plans to open 100 sites in the UK over the next 10 years.

Wingstops famous Lemon Pepper wings (Photo: Wingstop)

Why the hype?

With the likes of AJ Tracey and Not3s as fans, and the occasional hip hop shout out from franchisee Rick Ross (Major real estate, them Wing Stops must be doin nice / Trappin lemon pepper, got me movin two a night) for their lemon pepper wings, Wingstop brings hypebeast culture to the restaurant game.

The brand even recruited agency Brinkworth — known for their work with Supreme and Drakes OVO — to design the retail space.

The Food



Whats most surprising about Wingstops menu is the number of choices you have to customise your order.

Wings, boneless, or tenders? What flavour do you want those in? And is that with ranch, blue cheese or honey-mustard?

We havent even got to the sides yet. Seasoned or loaded fries? Maybe some churros for dessert to top it all off.

(Photo: Brett Leppard)

I avoid having to pluck pieces of chicken from wings and instead opt for the easy life of boneless — think large pieces of popcorn chicken — and grab some seasoned sweet potato fries for a side (sadly loaded fries with buffalo ranch werent available).

Selecting the classic Wingstop lemon pepper and the spiciest atomic wings (both with ranch dip) was perhaps a blessing in disguise. The mild lemon pepper wings were a nice sanctuary from the fiery pits of hell youre transported to after taking a bite of the atomics.

Be prepared to have your lips burn and tingle after just the slightest taste, as you scramble to put the spice to rest by distracting your taste buds with ranch-dipped fries (sadly this solution did not have the desired effect).

Speaking of the fries, the seasoning was perhaps not as potent as I hoped. Instead of a kick lemon pepper, I got something more akin to a nudge.

(Photo: Brett Leppard)

The only problem with the menu might be the lack of options to mix and match flavours.

With nine on offer, I couldnt help but want to maybe try 10 wings in five flavours — 16 pieces in two flavours was definitely too much. You can get a wing platter, which consists of three flavours and 24 pieces, but you might need to recruit a friend or two to the cause first.



Perhaps part of Wingstops charm is that each flavour is like a different colourway of the latest Jordan or Yeezy — you might have copped yours but you cant help but glance over at the person next to you to see what they went for.

But if you had it your way, you might have them all.




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