Giant Lego Overwatch statue for BlizzCon has 145,000 pieces – CNET

The giant Lego Overwatch D.Va statue can be seen up close at BlizzCon.

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What's better than a cool Lego Overwatch minifigure? How about a giant Lego Overwatch statue?

To celebrate Friday's official announcement of new Lego Overwatch sets, the Lego Group released a time-lapse video of a 9-foot (2.7-meter) Lego model of Overwatch character D.Va being built.

The video shows how the giant Lego Overwatch model was made, from its design on the computer to the painstaking process of building it brick by brick by the Lego Retail Model Production team.

The huge model depicting D.Va in Lego minifigure form is comprised of 145,276 Lego pieces, including 43,853 pink bricks for her pink exoskeleton mech suit.

The Lego model of D.Va and her mech weighs in at a whopping 1,256 pounds (570 kilograms). It took 731 hours to build by hand, with the larger finished parts assembled by crane.

Attendees to Blizzard's annual convention BlizzCon at the Anaheim Convention Center can see the large-scale model in person.

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