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KFC is offering couples chicken-themed weddings

Who doesnt want fried chicken on their wedding day? (Picture: KFC)
Fancy making your wedding finger ..

By admin , in Food , at September 12, 2019

Who doesnt want fried chicken on their wedding day? (Picture: KFC)

Fancy making your wedding finger lickin good?

KFC is here to help.

Well, if here means Australia.

KFC Australia has announced plans to launch fried chicken themed weddings, offering six couples the chance to have their special day catered by KFC for free.

Thats right, theres a competition for Aussie couples to get freebie fried chicken for their wedding day. What a dream.

Any couple whos planning to get married before May 2020 is invited to apply. The winners will get a full-on KFC wedding, meaning freshly cooked Kentucky Fried Chicken for 200 guests, KFC decorations, a KFC themed celebrant, and even a photobooth to capture all those special memories.

The chicken will be served in the classic buckets from a food truck, so perhaps not the fancy sit-down dinner your mother in law was hoping for.

couple holding KFC on their wedding day
Wed recommend giving guests hand wipes (Picture: KFC Weddings)

Couples will need to provide the venue and, well, every other part of the wedding (the dress, the flowers, the rings, and so on). Oh, and alcohol isnt included, so youll need to sort that out yourself.



But if youre a fan of deep-fried meat and fancy saving a few quid on the catering, its probably worth trying this.

All you have to do to apply is fill in a form explaining why you want a chicken-y wedding. From all the entrants, six lucky couples will be blessed with the honour of KFC catering.

Dont panic if youre not a winner, though, as your KFC wedding dreams arent dead.

groom feeds bride kfc on wedding day
True romance (Picture: KFC)

The brand does offer catering for any event, although prices arent listed anywhere on the KFC UK site. Your best bet is getting in touch with KFC as early as possible to arrange plenty of buckets for everyone on your guest list.

Make sure you complete the occasion with a fried chicken bouquet. Thats a must.

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KFC Weddings is our response to all the couples weve heard of who have popped the question in one of our restaurants or who have created their own version of a KFC Wedding, said KFC on their websRead More – Source


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