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Killer babysitter battered toddler so badly his eyes changed color

Family photo of Matthew Bolinski and mugshot of his alleged killer Hunter Jones

Matthew Bolsinki was battered to death at day care, with his eyes changing color afterwards. Hunter Jones has been charged with his murder (Pictures: Fox6)

A two year-old boys eyes changed color after he was allegedly beaten to death by his babysitter, the youngsters grieving mother said.

Matthew Bolinskis mother Katherine Bolinski dropped the toddler off at the home of alleged killer Hunter Jones, 23, to go to work in March.

But the next time she saw Matthew he was dead in a morgue, with Katherine, of Kenosha in Wisconsin, recalling: His eyes went from a deep blue to really, really light blue.

Bruises all over his face. I lost it. I just couldnt hold it back.

Jones was charged with Matthews first-degree murder last week, and is due in court Friday morning.

Matthew's mother Katherine Bolinski

Matthews mother Katherine Bolinski says she is devastated by her sons death (Picture: Fox6)

Katherine, who was a single mother, said she is so devastated by her sons death she still pretends like hes sleeping in the othe room, to help her cope.



She told Fox6: Now its just like an ongoing nightmare of waking up and there are moments where I just wish he could be with me still.

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Katherine has filled a bedroom in her apartment with a toy fire truck, trains and dinosaurs that belonged to Matthew – next to an urn containing the youngsters ashes.

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